Monday, September 22, 2008

bling bling

Thanks to Eat Play Love  I received this award. It is pretty and says in Portugese "This blog invests and believes in proximity." Which I am supposing means "I get to hear all kinds of juicy gossip about you because of your blog and that is pretty cool, thanks for keeping me in the loop." So I am passing it on to The Mitchell Family because now that she has a blog I get in on her gossip too.
And next up we have another major award that I received from The Clothesline this one translates from English into "I dig your blog." I dig hers too and also dig Welcome to the Circus, so I am passing it on to her. 

Have a happy Monday. 

Saturday, September 20, 2008

my overachieving daughter

She is an overachiever. Already at the tender age of two. When she spills maple syrup she dumps out half the bottle. When she decides it is time for "piddy toes" she uses most of the bottle of white out to paint her toe nails, and her feet, and her legs, and maybe some of her cheek. But when she heard that sick season does not start until the end of October she thought she would get a jump on it. You know hit the sick season scene, i.e. the ER, early before the stores got too crowded and she was completely sick of the music of the season that is piped in never pausing. So last September, while eating at the Spaghetti Factory with her family she thought, what better day than today than get this party started. She began to cough. Nothing major, really rather dry and drama-less. Her parents, however, exchanged glances over the overcooked pasta. For they had an idea what she was up to. The family went to bed. At 11 pm she decided it was now or never, Bring on the Sick Season Baby! She began to bark. There was a pronounced stridor when she breathed, she threw in some retraction for good measure. Then she began to scream. Helping the processes along. Her mother and father woke up, flipped a coin and it was the mom who ran off into the night with the barking child. After some steroids, epinephrine, and ride in the ambulance that costs as much as renting a stretched Hummer for the weekend including the gas, and being observed for 5 hours, she called it a night at 430 am. The mom and now one very hyper active two year old drove all the way back home. And slept. Until the boy walked in at 530 am.

A perfect start to the season.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

it was missing for two weeks.

Where else would the missing measuring cup be than under the bed with the dust bunnies, lost shoes, toys, socks that drilled a tunnel up from the dryer, and back packs.

Now I can go back to the pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.

Monday, September 15, 2008

oops I did it again...

So after considering lifting the two ton bag of dog food all by my pregnant self I caved and invited the husband to accompany me to (duhn duhn duhn) Costco. gasp! He had been moping around the house after reading a previous post's Costco ban, but his ears perked up and he started wagging at the mere thought of cases of tomato sauce, gallons of Naked Juice, dino nuggets, and of course, toilet paper. He quipped happily about the good wine prices while entering the store. I replied that the liquor store is closed all weekend. None for him. This of course was a lie, but if mama ain't drinkin' ain't nobody drinkin' in this house. (note: due to Colorado blue laws wine, spirits, full strength beer, and Tequila is not to be sold INSIDE Costco or any other grocery store for that matter, but only at a liquor store 'round the corner. This one was is actually attached to Costco but has a separate door.)  

We proceeded to load up two, yes two, grocery carts worth of bulk packaged food. You know because of the all the horrible weather that we have forecasted for Denver this week and the following nine that necessitates two carts full of food. (80 degrees and sunny) Now I have to say I did purchase the kids Halloween costumes there. 

"Oh look costumes, $20 and lower. Pick what you want to be." 

So now we are a Red Power Ranger and a cow. 

We also did find the most wonderful thing ever. Fresh figs. Not dried, but actually fresh. Trucked in using all kinds of planet killing resources so that little old me can have fifteen fresh figs. I have only seen these in California, and only because I just happened to be there at the exact fig ripening moment. They are so wonderful. And if you give a moose a muffin...she will need some pricey cheese to go with her figs. So that got thrown into the cart(s) too. 

All in all it was a productive (I didn't have to lift the dog food bag) trip. Embarrassingly expensive, but now we have enough food to keep us alive through winter and the husband has his bulk toilet paper. 

Oh, and as a side note. I am curious if YOU, dear reader, were to say have your first day on the job (TODAY!) as a preschool teacher would you wear sweat pants? And would you, have your purse on your shoulder with the I am ready to get the hell out of here stance going on while parents are picking their children up from your classroom?  On. your. first. day? Let me know, it is possible that my standards are a wee high. 

Friday, September 12, 2008

just sayin'

Remember when Obama went to Berlin. (McCain challenged that he was just acting like a celebrity...hmm Ms. Palin??) Perhaps if our leaders could inspire the world like this instead of continually threatening to bomb places and send troops in then perhaps we would regain our stature in the world, you know the whole, "give me your poor your tired masses" thing. I am all for war if necessary but we are PART of this world not above it. 

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

jennie, the least for the day

How a family goes through six loaves of bread in three weeks is beyond me. They are not even close to being teenagers yet. I bought all six loaves at Costco, Rudi's Organic thank you very much. The price of the two pack has gone up a bit this year but seriously what hasn't.  So when I noticed all of the bread was gone I thought, self, we have a bread machine and will make it our self. Because we all know how those "I am just going to the store to buy one thing" trips turn out. And the husband has been completely forbidden to go shopping at Costco or really anywhere for that matter. What should be a $200 trip turns into $400. No lie. He sees organic written on the label and throws it in the basket. It doesn't matter what it is and a bunch of other stuff that he knows I will never make, plus all the snacks and meat...he's from Texas that's all I can say. I have seen his mother's entire room full of food, so I am figuring there is a genetic component. So last time I may have tossed the word divorce around when he came with me. Plus, now I go to the butcher for all of our meat because of recalls and one time I was pretty sure I was eating kangaroo. Slightly more pricey, but all freshly dead and tastes wonderful. I am certainly not letting Mr. Texas anywhere near there. 

So back to the bread. I just pulled it out of the oven. I use the bread maker for the dough and then put the dough in the oven because otherwise it turns out brick-like. Plus I have learned at this altitude a little gluten is necessary, so I add a tablespoon of it too. I have yet to taste it, but it looks and smells wonderful. 

And for my next trick, lemon cake for dessert tonight. I know, I know how domestic of me, huh? 

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

goodbye summer

I am not looking forward to it getting cold. When we first moved here the first glimpse of snow sent us up into the mountains to look at it. I am from the Midwest, it is not like I haven't seen snow before. But we still did it. I always loved fall, the weather getting cooler, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, leaves changing, the whole nine yards. Something about new clothes and football games in high school. While in Germany it meant the rains were returning, but I had my friend Tequila to help me through. Plus it meant the Weihnacht Markts were just around the corner.  Living in Vegas I really missed it. I also love jackets and was never really able to indulge in this love there since it didn't get cold until November and really it was just at night you would need a light jacket. Although it did snow two days before we moved here. You would have thought it was the apocalypse the way people were  acting.
We have had a couple of really cool days in the past couple of weeks. At first it was a nice change to the 100+ degree weather, and I do love indulging the jacket fetish. But this morning I noticed some trees changing. I am noticing the days getting shorter and I want to know what the hell happened to summer? We are back in school full swing and the days have gone from lazy to very rushed. We really didn't even do anything this summer, a couple of camping trips, but already I miss the laying around the house. I will adjust to this new schedule, where I have to actually be in the shower at 630 am as opposed to whenever the mood struck me. 

The kids seem to love it, but I am dreading sick season fast approaching. Plus that blessed event that will occur in January. Not so much the baby, but the surgery necessary to have the baby, oh and that whole lack of sleep thing.  At least the cool weather will kill all the flies. Every time we open the door eight rush in, and yet, over Labor weekend we discovered the trick to getting the wasps into the yellow cone shaped trap. Bar b que chicken. What was empty all summer is now full of 25 dead wasps. (I'll spare you the pictures.)  They had been a real nuisance, stinging children and all. 

Ask me again how I am feeling after I have stuffed my face full of pumpkin and I start planning for Christmas. I am sure I will be festive. 

Monday, September 8, 2008

run for your lives it's momzilla

Since I acquired my new title of Soccer Mom I threw myself into a weekend of meetings followed by this  morning's oh so fun meeting with topics revolving around small children. I thought that I might as well live up to this overachieving stereotype by attending 19! hours of meetings Friday through Sunday. Before I had fully embraced my new role I would have scoffed at the idea. I mean really who wants to sit around discussing for that long. But I have to say that in all honesty I did have a good time and actually put some honest effort into them as opposed to my usual snarky comments and snickering.

However, being new at this overachieving Mommy thing I learned there are levels to this madness. I am merely at the bottom. (In full disclosure, the husband took the boy to soccer, where he scored two goals, only one was for the other team.) I found out his morning that the upper echelon of soccer moms have an entirely new title. It is MOMZILLA. Now I am not talking about mother of the bride taking over everything kind of woman here. Oh no, the term is reserved for a woman who controls the lives of her children from the very start and others with such dominance, tells you the way it is, gives needless opinions relentlessly, uses other's idea as her own, belittles with a smile and some how manages to get all the other girls on board. She looks pretty well put together too. Is she in the title role of authority, possibly, but not necessarily. It is as though during this meeting I was returned to middle school and was just invited to sit with the mean girls. Although not all of them are mean, most are really nice. But with a bunch of soccer moms placed in one room together some one has to be the Captain. And as I found out, this is not a Democracy. oy vey. I had a headache after this morning's tiresome event. At least there were muffins.

If you know me, as most who read this blog do, know me as a shy person until I feel comfortable and then I have no problem giving an opinion. I however, do avoid confrontation whenever possible. Except with my husband in which I case I have a great deal of fun during confrontation. But if I am going to be asked to go to soccermomland (and lets face it ladies that is really a question of when not if when you are a stay home mommy) and give my opinion, I am going to give it damn it. I also think there are reasons for meetings and reasons for having more than two minds at them, to give a variety of opinions and view points. Once again, I will give them. So I will have to learn to balance this frazzled, stay at home, volunteer and get involved, Martha Stewart, soccer mom attitude with my "who gives a shit really" attitude.

Friday, September 5, 2008

she has gotten new panties out of the adventure

I think it is time to potty train baby girl. She has now taken to pulling down her pants to show me her soiled diaper. This morning she walked out of her room into mine and said "wet, potty training." The poor child is begging to be potty trained, just begging. I do not relish this task of parenting. The boy would have soiled himself until kingdom come but I threatened him with no preschool at the tender age of 2 1/2. He was trained instantly. So I will embark on this adventure and will most likely complain about it here from time to time.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Enter at your own risk. This post is long and rambling.

I am in a bad bad mood. I am going over possible causes.

The boy started preschool on Tuesday. He has alternating teachers until the 15th and then his new teacher starts. I had calmed down about the whole situation, that is, until, I received a friendly introduction letter from the newbie in his book bag today. Let's just say that I am more interested in what she plans on accomplishing with these kids during the year and perhaps a little into her background as a teacher instead of hearing about her love of Crocs, that the history channel is her favorite t.v. channel, and that her pregnancies were high risk. No lie. Thanks for sharing but I am looking for a professional relationship you see. good gad.

I have almost made up with the princess mama mobile too. Perhaps you heard me laughing last Thursday when I was told it would cost $844 to fix the DVD player. The kids watch too much t.v. as it is. If needed for long car trips I plan on purchasing a DVD player to hang right over the built in one. You know, kick it red neck style, like placing the new t.v. on top of the old broken cabinet style one that sits on the floor straight from 1978.

But after careful consideration I am pretty sure my bad mood is caused by the husband's announcement late yesterday that trickled into today. The announcement was he was to go out of town on Friday. To Oakland. (More on that in a minute). We have an all weekend event this weekend that, while probably will be boring, we committed to it and should not flake out. I was informed the husband NEEDS to be in California at the drop of a hat and will not be attending Friday's soiree. After a few choice words I let it go. But this morning at 6:45 the husband started going over his day. He does this for a variety of reasons: to make me feel involved, to clear his head, as a segue to drop a BOMB. He finished his schedule by stating that he would then simply head to the airport. As in Thursday night. Gone all night. Buh bye. WTF? A lot more of choice words come out of my mouth. All about the lack of proper communication. I was communicating everything in my head by that point. He was gone the past two weeks so one night is not really a big deal. It is more of the fact is was so sudden. I hate sudden. I also hate that I want to go to California. Oakland is near San Francisco and I could use me some San Francisco. I am jealous. My mom is in Maui, my manny is getting yelled at in basic trainig, the husband goes at a moment's notice business see where I am going with this. Well at least my Dad's life is pretty dull too. (Sorry Dad but I know you are bored too.)

But the more I think about it, the more that I could care less that he is out of town, or even works crazy 70 hour work weeks for months on end. I am getting completely agitated and annoyed for all the legitimate reasons, by myself too much, kids are hard work, I need a break and other such complaints. But also because I. am. bored. I have the blahs. Changing sheets due to persistent bed wetting is wearing on me. So is spilled milk, crying jags, pooping, and coming up with food that everyone will eat. (We are spoiled and have gotten WAY too used to eating out so that regular old Mom meals are looked at with scorn.) However, I chose to stay home and I do like it most of the time. But let's face it people, it can be really damn dull at times. Oh I am fully aware that come January I will be way over my head in childcare responsibilities, but even then besides being tired I still get bored. When I was working or in college I would swamp myself in work. Take 21 hours a semester, study eight hours a day for Chemistry. Work until 9 at night. Not because I loved it but because it was stimulating. Now my stimulation seems to rely on how fast I can plow through a book. (Last read: Generation Kill. I HIGHLY recommend it.)

Sometimes I wonder to myself if it is time to go back to work. But honestly I can't think of what I want to be when I grow up. I was in the mortgage industry before and we all know how that turned out. Plus, I just can't bear the thought of putting my kids in daycare. [ This section of the blog has been temporarily deleted under the advice of a red haired person.]

So I thought about what my interests are:

Different cultures
Politics (which is my crack)
Getting involved at the boy's school

Then it occurred to me, I can get involved with the PTA. The boy is starting soccer this weekend so I am already a soccer Mom. Then after soccer and PTA domination I can run for mayor (possibly may have to move to smaller town, my suburb is too big) based upon my experience in the PTA and driving my kid to sports. After I dominate that scene, learn to hunt and fish (because marathons are not good enough) then I can run for governor of Colorado. I'll be sure to throw in some inflammatory statements about right to life and abstinence just for good measure. AND THEN!!!!! Vice President Baby. But I may have traveled out of the country too much, nor do I live close to Russia to justify my foreign policy experience.

Or if any of you knows any embassies hiring that wouldn't mind toddlers hanging out let me know.