Thursday, September 4, 2008

Enter at your own risk. This post is long and rambling.

I am in a bad bad mood. I am going over possible causes.

The boy started preschool on Tuesday. He has alternating teachers until the 15th and then his new teacher starts. I had calmed down about the whole situation, that is, until, I received a friendly introduction letter from the newbie in his book bag today. Let's just say that I am more interested in what she plans on accomplishing with these kids during the year and perhaps a little into her background as a teacher instead of hearing about her love of Crocs, that the history channel is her favorite t.v. channel, and that her pregnancies were high risk. No lie. Thanks for sharing but I am looking for a professional relationship you see. good gad.

I have almost made up with the princess mama mobile too. Perhaps you heard me laughing last Thursday when I was told it would cost $844 to fix the DVD player. The kids watch too much t.v. as it is. If needed for long car trips I plan on purchasing a DVD player to hang right over the built in one. You know, kick it red neck style, like placing the new t.v. on top of the old broken cabinet style one that sits on the floor straight from 1978.

But after careful consideration I am pretty sure my bad mood is caused by the husband's announcement late yesterday that trickled into today. The announcement was he was to go out of town on Friday. To Oakland. (More on that in a minute). We have an all weekend event this weekend that, while probably will be boring, we committed to it and should not flake out. I was informed the husband NEEDS to be in California at the drop of a hat and will not be attending Friday's soiree. After a few choice words I let it go. But this morning at 6:45 the husband started going over his day. He does this for a variety of reasons: to make me feel involved, to clear his head, as a segue to drop a BOMB. He finished his schedule by stating that he would then simply head to the airport. As in Thursday night. Gone all night. Buh bye. WTF? A lot more of choice words come out of my mouth. All about the lack of proper communication. I was communicating everything in my head by that point. He was gone the past two weeks so one night is not really a big deal. It is more of the fact is was so sudden. I hate sudden. I also hate that I want to go to California. Oakland is near San Francisco and I could use me some San Francisco. I am jealous. My mom is in Maui, my manny is getting yelled at in basic trainig, the husband goes at a moment's notice business see where I am going with this. Well at least my Dad's life is pretty dull too. (Sorry Dad but I know you are bored too.)

But the more I think about it, the more that I could care less that he is out of town, or even works crazy 70 hour work weeks for months on end. I am getting completely agitated and annoyed for all the legitimate reasons, by myself too much, kids are hard work, I need a break and other such complaints. But also because I. am. bored. I have the blahs. Changing sheets due to persistent bed wetting is wearing on me. So is spilled milk, crying jags, pooping, and coming up with food that everyone will eat. (We are spoiled and have gotten WAY too used to eating out so that regular old Mom meals are looked at with scorn.) However, I chose to stay home and I do like it most of the time. But let's face it people, it can be really damn dull at times. Oh I am fully aware that come January I will be way over my head in childcare responsibilities, but even then besides being tired I still get bored. When I was working or in college I would swamp myself in work. Take 21 hours a semester, study eight hours a day for Chemistry. Work until 9 at night. Not because I loved it but because it was stimulating. Now my stimulation seems to rely on how fast I can plow through a book. (Last read: Generation Kill. I HIGHLY recommend it.)

Sometimes I wonder to myself if it is time to go back to work. But honestly I can't think of what I want to be when I grow up. I was in the mortgage industry before and we all know how that turned out. Plus, I just can't bear the thought of putting my kids in daycare. [ This section of the blog has been temporarily deleted under the advice of a red haired person.]

So I thought about what my interests are:

Different cultures
Politics (which is my crack)
Getting involved at the boy's school

Then it occurred to me, I can get involved with the PTA. The boy is starting soccer this weekend so I am already a soccer Mom. Then after soccer and PTA domination I can run for mayor (possibly may have to move to smaller town, my suburb is too big) based upon my experience in the PTA and driving my kid to sports. After I dominate that scene, learn to hunt and fish (because marathons are not good enough) then I can run for governor of Colorado. I'll be sure to throw in some inflammatory statements about right to life and abstinence just for good measure. AND THEN!!!!! Vice President Baby. But I may have traveled out of the country too much, nor do I live close to Russia to justify my foreign policy experience.

Or if any of you knows any embassies hiring that wouldn't mind toddlers hanging out let me know.


love2cook said...

You are SO funny! ;) Darling, I can totally relate to getting restless when staying home. It is tough work. Through long hours of counseling with my "friend," we came to the conclusion for me and that was going back to school. I'm not saying you should go back to school, but perhaps research a class? Maybe at a community college? When you mentioned what you were good at I thought of my brother. He got his degree in tourism and works with a touring company. He is fluent in French and is on his way to being fluent in Spanish. Perhaps that could be of interest for you? I feel for you and if you ever need to chat sometime; give me a call! :)

The Parsons Family said...

I'll vote for you..I think my stink this week is the RNC...can we say BORING...anyways, I thought about what my qualifications are to be VP also, and well, I think there are many liberal moms thinking they too can be VP...I think the republicans just lowered the bar for us common folk...

Kathleen said...

IF you want me to take the boy too soccer i'd be happy to, dave's out of town too we should team up SAFETY IN NUMBERS! They are doing parent survival night at the gym tomorrow the boy is going!

Cathy said...

I get frustrated with the SAHM gig, too. And it doesn't help to have a PTA become the next VP candidate. I would love to feel proud of that if she didn't stand for everything I don't.

laughingatchaos said...

Dang, girl, I'd buy you a drink if you weren't preggers. I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up. And while I'm on the PTO, eh...I'm bored too, while still being overworked to the point of hysteria. I don't get it either.

EatPlayLove said...

aah life, but we still get up and do it all over again the next day. I laugh at the people wondering why the media is questioning Palin's ability to mother if she's Veep. Isn't it f'ing obvious mother's hold about 95% of the parenting cards, even if they hold a (cough, cough) full time job out of the house!!!