Tuesday, September 9, 2008

goodbye summer

I am not looking forward to it getting cold. When we first moved here the first glimpse of snow sent us up into the mountains to look at it. I am from the Midwest, it is not like I haven't seen snow before. But we still did it. I always loved fall, the weather getting cooler, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, leaves changing, the whole nine yards. Something about new clothes and football games in high school. While in Germany it meant the rains were returning, but I had my friend Tequila to help me through. Plus it meant the Weihnacht Markts were just around the corner.  Living in Vegas I really missed it. I also love jackets and was never really able to indulge in this love there since it didn't get cold until November and really it was just at night you would need a light jacket. Although it did snow two days before we moved here. You would have thought it was the apocalypse the way people were  acting.
We have had a couple of really cool days in the past couple of weeks. At first it was a nice change to the 100+ degree weather, and I do love indulging the jacket fetish. But this morning I noticed some trees changing. I am noticing the days getting shorter and I want to know what the hell happened to summer? We are back in school full swing and the days have gone from lazy to very rushed. We really didn't even do anything this summer, a couple of camping trips, but already I miss the laying around the house. I will adjust to this new schedule, where I have to actually be in the shower at 630 am as opposed to whenever the mood struck me. 

The kids seem to love it, but I am dreading sick season fast approaching. Plus that blessed event that will occur in January. Not so much the baby, but the surgery necessary to have the baby, oh and that whole lack of sleep thing.  At least the cool weather will kill all the flies. Every time we open the door eight rush in, and yet, over Labor weekend we discovered the trick to getting the wasps into the yellow cone shaped trap. Bar b que chicken. What was empty all summer is now full of 25 dead wasps. (I'll spare you the pictures.)  They had been a real nuisance, stinging children and all. 

Ask me again how I am feeling after I have stuffed my face full of pumpkin and I start planning for Christmas. I am sure I will be festive. 


Cathy said...

I hear you on all points! It's been brutal digging up coats for everyone for the 7:30 am walk to school! Why aren't the flies dead by now?? Maybe we need a frost?

Kathleen said...

My friend in NZ keeps telling me spring has arrived there, so i am guessing autumn has to be here! suppose i should look out the ice/snow scraper soon too!

love2cook said...

When you mentioned the blessed event in Jan. I thought you were talking about the inauguration ;) When are you due in Jan.? It's very fall like here today. Summer is definitely great for all of those relaxing, lazy days. I do like Fall though, especially with leaves changing color, picking apples and pumpkin everything.