Monday, September 15, 2008

oops I did it again...

So after considering lifting the two ton bag of dog food all by my pregnant self I caved and invited the husband to accompany me to (duhn duhn duhn) Costco. gasp! He had been moping around the house after reading a previous post's Costco ban, but his ears perked up and he started wagging at the mere thought of cases of tomato sauce, gallons of Naked Juice, dino nuggets, and of course, toilet paper. He quipped happily about the good wine prices while entering the store. I replied that the liquor store is closed all weekend. None for him. This of course was a lie, but if mama ain't drinkin' ain't nobody drinkin' in this house. (note: due to Colorado blue laws wine, spirits, full strength beer, and Tequila is not to be sold INSIDE Costco or any other grocery store for that matter, but only at a liquor store 'round the corner. This one was is actually attached to Costco but has a separate door.)  

We proceeded to load up two, yes two, grocery carts worth of bulk packaged food. You know because of the all the horrible weather that we have forecasted for Denver this week and the following nine that necessitates two carts full of food. (80 degrees and sunny) Now I have to say I did purchase the kids Halloween costumes there. 

"Oh look costumes, $20 and lower. Pick what you want to be." 

So now we are a Red Power Ranger and a cow. 

We also did find the most wonderful thing ever. Fresh figs. Not dried, but actually fresh. Trucked in using all kinds of planet killing resources so that little old me can have fifteen fresh figs. I have only seen these in California, and only because I just happened to be there at the exact fig ripening moment. They are so wonderful. And if you give a moose a muffin...she will need some pricey cheese to go with her figs. So that got thrown into the cart(s) too. 

All in all it was a productive (I didn't have to lift the dog food bag) trip. Embarrassingly expensive, but now we have enough food to keep us alive through winter and the husband has his bulk toilet paper. 

Oh, and as a side note. I am curious if YOU, dear reader, were to say have your first day on the job (TODAY!) as a preschool teacher would you wear sweat pants? And would you, have your purse on your shoulder with the I am ready to get the hell out of here stance going on while parents are picking their children up from your classroom?  On. your. first. day? Let me know, it is possible that my standards are a wee high. 


love2cook said...

Ah yes, Costco. I call it the most wonderful place in the world :) As for the preschool teacher, it depends on what they were doing in class. Maybe something messy? Also, I would consider her shirt. Maybe she didn't do laundry this weekend? As for leaving in a hurry, maybe a family issue? If she did it all the time, I would definitely wonder.

The Parsons Family said...

we did our costco run yesterday and my hubby has me on the short leash of buying stuff...but we stuck to our list of 4 items and spent a mere $15 that is real costco shopping...sticking to a list and spending under $20 bucks!!

Cathy said...

We need to do a Costco trip and I dread it! I always spend more than I want to there. Don't feel bad about bringing hubbie--you have no business lifting those gigantic bags of dog food in your state!

Kathleen said...

you gotta love costco. Thats how they get you. We just upgraded our membership after findingout how much we really spend there in a year, NOT including Gas or lunches there very scary stuff!

EatPlayLove said...

time to check out that PM option. Seriously, three days a week of a fabulous teacher or 4 days a week of babysitting? Keep us posted.

Two carts at costco, I can't even imagine what you spent.