Monday, September 8, 2008

run for your lives it's momzilla

Since I acquired my new title of Soccer Mom I threw myself into a weekend of meetings followed by this  morning's oh so fun meeting with topics revolving around small children. I thought that I might as well live up to this overachieving stereotype by attending 19! hours of meetings Friday through Sunday. Before I had fully embraced my new role I would have scoffed at the idea. I mean really who wants to sit around discussing for that long. But I have to say that in all honesty I did have a good time and actually put some honest effort into them as opposed to my usual snarky comments and snickering.

However, being new at this overachieving Mommy thing I learned there are levels to this madness. I am merely at the bottom. (In full disclosure, the husband took the boy to soccer, where he scored two goals, only one was for the other team.) I found out his morning that the upper echelon of soccer moms have an entirely new title. It is MOMZILLA. Now I am not talking about mother of the bride taking over everything kind of woman here. Oh no, the term is reserved for a woman who controls the lives of her children from the very start and others with such dominance, tells you the way it is, gives needless opinions relentlessly, uses other's idea as her own, belittles with a smile and some how manages to get all the other girls on board. She looks pretty well put together too. Is she in the title role of authority, possibly, but not necessarily. It is as though during this meeting I was returned to middle school and was just invited to sit with the mean girls. Although not all of them are mean, most are really nice. But with a bunch of soccer moms placed in one room together some one has to be the Captain. And as I found out, this is not a Democracy. oy vey. I had a headache after this morning's tiresome event. At least there were muffins.

If you know me, as most who read this blog do, know me as a shy person until I feel comfortable and then I have no problem giving an opinion. I however, do avoid confrontation whenever possible. Except with my husband in which I case I have a great deal of fun during confrontation. But if I am going to be asked to go to soccermomland (and lets face it ladies that is really a question of when not if when you are a stay home mommy) and give my opinion, I am going to give it damn it. I also think there are reasons for meetings and reasons for having more than two minds at them, to give a variety of opinions and view points. Once again, I will give them. So I will have to learn to balance this frazzled, stay at home, volunteer and get involved, Martha Stewart, soccer mom attitude with my "who gives a shit really" attitude.


love2cook said...

I dread the "momzillas." So far, we haven't encountered any - yet. I'm getting Ms. E involved in Daisies, and I hope it's low key. I like low key. Have you read Mommy Wars? It's a pretty interesting book about sah moms and working moms opinions. As I read the stories, I always think it would be so nice if we were a little more accepting of each other and not be so judgmental! Good luck with the group, and I'm sure you'll find one mom who feels the same as you.:)

Kathleen said...

Just remember you are pregnant and you can blame any outbursts on Hormones! Good luck with it, i hate people like that there's one in our preschool, it is hard going at 9am each day!

EatPlayLove said...

wait a minute, you went to 19 hours of meetings for soccer? You must be joking. Weekends are for down time, not hanging out with Momzillas!

Cathy said...

Momzilla--that's a great name for total SAHM control freak. :)