Saturday, October 4, 2008

Nothing more than judgemental observations.

While picking up pizza for the family this evening at a carryout pizza chain I noticed that some of the employees had band-aids on their chins. At first I thought nothing of it, but while standing around waiting for the pizza (and wings) I had nothing else to do but to dwell on it. Herpes? Massive zits ready to explode at a moments notice right into the melted cheese so that no one would notice. (hungry anyone?) A new trend for pizza employees? A shout out to their hommies in juvie? Finally after staring for five minutes I caught a glimpse of silver. They were covering up their unsightly right below the bottom lip stud. You know because when you walk into a to-go pizza hole in the wall you expect piercing-less teenagers. What you do expect is greasy hair behind a dirty hat completely lacking the hair net, nose picking, exploding zits, dirty finger nails, and untucked shirts. But heaven forbid a piercing. That is just too much for the general pizza eating public to take. 

It was like entering another of my favorite public spaces. The Gas Station. Now granted I pay with debit and generally have no need to actually unstrap the children from their restraints to enjoy the freak show. But occasionally I feel like walking on the wild side and do in fact venture in. Vegas was WAY more interesting than here since "gaming" is allowed inside gas stations, as is smoking which just seems, well, at odds with the flammable nature of gas, but never the less occurred. Also meth junkies with completely rotten teeth are the employee of choice. Here in Colorado things are a bit tamer than that, but have you been inside a gas station lately? Everyone needs to put this substance into their car and yet I NEVER see anyone resembling a normal person inside a gas station. Ever. It honestly is like walking into dirty backwoods toothlessville, where one showers annually. And aquanet is the hair product of choice. Oh sure I am being judgemental but its just something I have noticed and find it rather amusing. 


Cathy said...

So true--the gas station at the Safeway has some really interesting folks working there. :)

I DO NOT GET the piercing under the lip thing--it hurts me just to look at it.

Kathleen said...

we only ever go in on a road trip, otherwise its usually costco where at least the person walks around everynow and then.

When i went to the Hut the other day all 7 employees were outside smoking they had to unlock to let me in!

bernthis said...

Come out here to L.A. People with the same 'face jewelry" run companies or at the very least know more about computers than I ever will