Monday, October 13, 2008

Some more randomness

I was tagged by The Clothesline for seven random bits of info about moi. Since I have way more than seven I will go for it.

1.  I am currently doggysitting a pug. She is so adorable, sort of looks like an alien, and the kids will NOT leave her alone. The boy "read" her a story this morning and it was the cutest thing ever!

2. I find Weird Al Yankovich rather amusing. (spellchecker thinks Yankovich should be lungfish.  I find that pretty amusing too.)

3. Top Gun and Forest Gump are tied for first place in my favorite movie category. I can watch these two movies over and over and over and never get bored. (I do have more brain power than would be suggested by these selections, I simply choose to ignore it.)

4. I have a pet peeve with unmade beds and dishes in the sink. But don't look in my closets or cabinets because they are a mess. I don't like that either but because I can shut a door I can ignore them. A fun trick I play at my house. 

5. I have lived in six states. (Colorado is a repeated one.) Twelve US cities. Nineteen houses/apartments and one dorm room. Two different countries.  I have an incredible urge to move again. It is a weekly struggle to suppress. 

6.  I am learning a foreign language. (Trying out Rosetta Stone, I just started we'll see how it goes.)

7. I love bacon, I would eat it everyday if I knew it wouldn't kill me. 

OK Anna  I want some useless information!


Mitchell Family said...

Useless information request fulfilled. Your previous post was a surprise tid bit for me also. I had no idea you were such a wild child and had your tongue pierced. OUCH!

love2cook said...

MMmmm, bacon...

The Slightly Egotistical A1C Manny said...

I have inspired the whole family, the step-father is learning chinese so he can talk with me. I feel I have inspired...hold on, I am basking in my own greatness. Bask Bask Bask.

Kathleen said...

which language?