Monday, October 27, 2008


Ok so in the past couple weeks I have really seen the bumper sticker campaign heat up. The Obama Biden sticker is the first for my two year old "new" car. I had a 26.2 sticker for the last one. Plus the poor Kerry Edwards sticker. I never was one for completely plastering my car, but I have at times had other stickers, such as a very nice Calvin and Hobbes one on my first car. I lovingly picked that sticker out. After watching my kids, well mainly my daughter's obsession with stickers, I am amused at adults' little fetish with these things.

While I was sitting with the husband at Wahoo's Fish Taco (we have implemented date nights!) the other night and noticing the incredible amount of stickers around, I wondered allowed whether they had a decorator do it all or just let the employees come in before the store open and go at it. Each of these restaurants have pretty much the same type of sticker. Skateboarding, snowboarding, and surfing brand name stickers. Occasionally you will see an out of place sticker...we saw a local brewery sticker and a lone Apple sticker. Then I saw a bright pink one with black lettering and got really excited, because until I squinted, I thought it was a bumper sticker for Vintage Vinyl

Remember when you actually bought music inside of a store. This is one of those places. This is not unlike the store in the movie High Fidelity and many of the people in it are like Rob or really more extreme in their music snobbery. As a teenager in St. Louis this is where you went to buy music if you were looking for something obscure or for us teenagers the experience. Oh sure of course we all bought tapes or CDs at the mall but if you felt an absolute need for music and acting like a music snob you went to Vintage Vinyl. Yes, they actually had vinyl. I haven't been there in over five years and the last time I went it was about the same: lots of music, CDs, I can't remember tapes, plenty of vinyl, then some stickers to purchase in the back for the non-music shoppers but those needing to purchase something, anything! (That was where the Calvin and Hobbes sticker came from) and some very dirty carpet.  But it seemed as though the pink bumper stickers where almost a teenage prerequisite growing up in St. Louis. Many friends had them on their cars, or in class you would see them on a binder. While at college in the middle of Missouri I would see them about and would instantly know that person was from St. Louis as opposed to, ahem, Kansas City. This sticker I have displayed for your viewing pleasure has changed only slightly, for one there was no web address since there was no web really to speak of. Halfway through high school AOL was introduced and as we all remember charged by the minute, so my memories of high school are certainly NOT filled with images of chat rooms, web sites, and such. Also I don't remember the Granite City address on there, but it could have been. I always surprise myself when I see or smell something from St. Louis, I react happy. As a teenager it was my absolute goal to leave Missouri, but now there are things that I truly miss (gooey butter cake and toasted ravioli). While camping two summers ago the family and I ended up in Crested Butte which is a rather remote location in Colorado and I saw this bumper sticker. It made me reminisce to a very bored husband for a good hour. Funny how you can leave a place over a decade ago and a bumper sticker will take you back, completely flood your brain with dormant memories. But yet,  I can't even remember what the pink sticker was for at Wahoo's and that was only last week.


pappy said...

It was only in U-City. They must have expanded or franchised to Granite City. Amazing.

leafandsap said...

i think they've had one in granite city for a long time ... but who would ever go to granite city? surely their americanos could not compare to meshuggah's around the corner.

Kathleen said...

I just recently found a few off my old vinyls brought back so many memories! I also love high fidelity quality film!

love2cook said...

I still LOVE browsing in CD/record stores. Glad you and hubby are getting out more :)

EatPlayLove said...

oh seizing the final moments, huh? good for the two of you! I find it quite intriguing the entire NObama movement, so instead of supporting your choice for president, be negative against the other. Seems very typical GOP, in my opinion.

I love my Hope sticker and trust me, I'm going to love it even more come tuesday night!!!