Tuesday, November 18, 2008

about a beer and burger

After baby girl threw up unexpectedly at the precise moment we walked through the door of a restaurant it was decided that I would take the boy to see one very cool ski film. My justification was that I am missing an entire ski season so the least I could do was watch a movie. The husband thankfully agreed. Possibly not realizing that he was missing his chance at an alcoholic beverage with adults. I am pretty sure this thought came to rest in his brain the next day while entering Costco. As I have said the before the husband loves Costco, but it seems as though his tail has stopped wagging about shopping there with the family. It is possible he realized shopping with two kids is downright horrible at times. I am no help in the matter. The boy and I ran off to taste all the free samples while the very NOT sick 24 hours later baby girl and the husband picked out large boxed items. He became quite surly actually.

After returning home with said boxes the husband and the boy played tee ball in the backyard and then watched football while I simple cleaned the kitchen and then retreated to my bed to play solitaire on the iphone. (A horribly addictive little application that I should really just delete.) Because I needed to rest after all that food tasting and Costco wandering, you see. Baby girl napped. Over the past few weeks we have gotten into the routine in which the husband cooks the Sunday dinner. Usually large and very messy. But hey I will take all the help I can get. We were supposed to grill out steaks last Sunday but seeing as how he was surly from missing a ski movie and quite possibly an alcoholic beverage at some tasty restaurant he declared that we were to go to Red Robin (yum!) for dinner. Why? Because he had just seen a commercial for their new hamburger and he just had to try it.

Whatever. I'll go out to eat usually without a fuss. Once there I quickly realized that the gears in the husband's brain had been turning during the football watching. It may have gone something like this:

1. Football is good.
2. Beer is good.
3. Football and beer together are really good.
4. I don't want to drive to the liquor store.
5. Jennie will be annoyed if I get up to go buy beer.
6. How to buy beer and not annoy Jennie. Think. Think.
7. Ah ha! Restaurants have beer.
8. What restaurants have beer and football?
9. Sports bars. Can't take kids to sports bars that will annoy Jennie.
10. Hey look a new hamburger at Red Robin. It has fried jalapenos on it.
11. Fried jalapenos are bar food.
12. Red Robin has beer.
13. Red Robin has t.v.s
14. Red Robin will NOT annoy Jennie.
15. Problem solved! I will take the family to Red Robin, drink beer, eat a ridiculously spicy burger, and watch football on their t.v.s
16. Now I am happy.

So the once surly husband enjoyed his two beers, the Cowboys/Redskin game, and The New Burning Love Burger which has fried jalapenos on it, plus cayenne pepper and from the way he was acting a lot of other spicy stuff. Mr. Texas was all, "I can eat the whole thing it's not going to get the best of me." It did. He managed *maybe* half. But he was successful in his quest for beer and football, he got both and seeing as how I was stuffing my face full of fries and a salad, because I don't want to gain too much weight you know, I wasn't annoyed.


Cathy said...

Sounds like a great day! Terry would love the burger, too, along with some beer, for sure. I love solitaire.

That's so awesome you have a pug! I'll have to stop by later this week. :)

love2cook said...

LOL!! That's is so funny! That burger sounds pretty good, especially with the beer. I'm glad baby girl isn't really sick.

You have a pug now????

EatPlayLove said...

Ok, just don't look at the solitaire stats, which is basically the evidence of how many hours have escaped you playing that game! Mine is scary. I love the baker's one.

Ok Pug, what is this, I find no mention of a pug???