Thursday, November 13, 2008

I ain't saying she's a gold digger, but she likes marble when she works out.

While waddling on the treadmill at the brand spanking new gym today I saw something very scary. A New Kids on the Block Video on the great wall of televisions. So very strange. We joined this gym under the advice of the husband, apparently he likes to sweat in fancy places. This place is fancy. Only $20 more than what we were paying before so I'll take the fancy, plus we get child sitting for two kids instead of one for that price. There is even a salon in this place. Seems strange to me, but they looked pretty busy already so maybe its not so strange. The kid area is fantastic. Really big, climbing playground, mini sized basketball court, separate area for toddlers, another area for infants, plus a bunch of apple computers for the kids to play on. How well a place handles children is now my deciding factor on whether it is deemed Jennie-worthy or not. This place has passed the sniff test.

Yet, during my waddle session I was struck by how odd it is to see FM frequency labels underneath the pretty flat screen t.v. on the wall for your distracting enjoyment. When I first saw them I was confused. I looked at my ipod it shook its head and said nope can't do that, either can the iphone. There is no way to tune into the t.v.s unless you have a radio, like a walkman or something. No little device on the treadmill in which to plug into to so you can hear what you are watching. Can you even purchase these devices anymore? The husband said he was bring in a boom box on his shoulders and then plug the head phones into it. But honest to God, I must have stared at the iphone for a good thirty seconds pondering how to make it tune to a radio frequency. It made the brain hurt and I decided I would just listen to my music.

So dear new fancy gym,

Please join us in the tail end of 2008 and realize that most people listen to music with some sort of mp3 player and are in no way able to tune into to a FM frequency, your televisions are a mere annoyance. The rest of the gym sure is purdy.



love2cook said...

The gym sounds great! Glad you found a place where you can take the kids and have some time to yourself. I think it's great your exercising during your last trimester.

Cathy said...

Is that the new Lifetime gym? Is it open yet? Sounds awesome. I'm stuck at Fitness 19 for another year. Totally annoying about the TV--I think you could get a cheap fm radio at Walmart, though.