Wednesday, November 5, 2008

if i had been able to drink a glass of champagne i am pretty sure it would have been the whole bottle

Whew that was long, but we have crossed the finish line. I don't think I have ever been more proud of being American. Yesterday seemed like the longest day ever. Both kids home and sick, while I was trying desperately to distract myself from the news. So we made a ballot box, printed out pictures of the candidates and held a Jennie household election. It went 3-1 Obama. The Jennie household went blue. The husband and I were not allowed to participate because we had already voted and voting twice is a big no-no. So both kids and the pets exercised their rights. Exit polling showed that both children voted for Obama, despite the boy campaigning for McCain for a good five minutes before voting, I made sure he adhered to the fifty foot electioneering border around the ballot box. Baby girl did later state she voted for herself but obviously that was just crazy post election punditry.  The dog voted for Obama as well, she being an enthusiastic voter grabbed the Obama picture in her mouth and ran with it to the box. She is German born and has some socialist leanings. She was born on an air base so she is an American citizen but her formative years were spent abroad. The cat, however, went for McCain. He simply sniffed the McCain picture and then went and took a nap. He was born on the streets and was rescued from a shelter in Las Vegas. He is a crotchety man with very strong capitalist leanings, plus is he is pretty pro-life given his meager start and adoption. The kids had fun and we stayed busy for a good hour. 

After the kids went to bed the husband and I watched the coverage and I, in my hormonal state, actually welled up when the news organizations called it for Obama. Not because "my guy" won, but because it was so historic and I felt so proud to be a part of this processes. I have such great hope in our nation. It just proves what hard work and personal determination can do. While watching McCain's concession speech I couldn't help but think that if he had conducted himself with the same grace he was showing last night during the campaign it would have been a lot harder decision for people. I was very impressed with his speech.  I was really surprised to actually know the President-elect before I went to bed. Amazing.  

But, I am very glad this season is over and our nation can actually begin to fix these enormous problems we are facing. And now, I would like to bid audieu to Mr. back tax owing, unlicensed, does not speak for me "real American" Joe the plumber, and say hello to Joe the Vice President. Oh, and I am the most proud of my Obama voting Republican Florida resident grandma.  


love2cook said...

Good for you for getting the kids involved. Yes, I agree it was long. Congratulations and I must say John Mc Cain had several speeches where he's been gracious. I am proud of what he's done for this country and feel he's a good man. I do think it's great to witness the first African American become president even if I don't agree with his ideologies. I'm interested in what's next and where he takes this country.

love2cook said...

BTW, since my guy lost, aren't you glad I didn't act like the "one mom" in the last election towards you? LOL!! ;)

jennie said...

she was not a gracious loser, I remember you handling yourself very well.:)

EatPlayLove said...

Funny title! because actually, josh wasnt feeling so hot, so I had to polish the ENTIRE bottle off myself. My timeline is on my FB page, if you care to see it. LOL!!!

I am beyond thrilled. How are you feeling?