Monday, November 10, 2008

just when you thought i was a socialist...jennie's expert thoughts on the state of the economy

I had to take a macroeconomics class in order to obtain my degree from the oh so prestigious UNLV, therefore I am completely qualified to discuss the state of the economy. I should be taken at face value and very important financial decisions should be made based on my expert opinions. That and the husband watches CNBC like it is his crack (or as I call it the ugly white man club channel) and some of it has possibly soaked in. 

This economy has now turned into, and I am coining a phrase here people take note, The Biggest Loser Economy.  This is where institutions such as the financial giants, insurance giant AIG (this one I just don't understand), and now the auto industry became so very fat and bloated and refused to look into a mirror. Didn't even bother asking does this dress make me look fat? Then the poor bastards had a heart attack and we (read: your tax dollars that should be funding infrastructure and that fun thing called schools) are now paying the fat bastards to lose weight so they don't go belly up on the ER table. Just like that very annoying show on NBC. Sorry to anyone out there reading this who just won lots of cash eating more than their fair share and then getting money because they lost the weight. I am a heartless bitch at times.  America wake up!!! I believe this is a systemic problem in our nation, everyone wanted new toys and wanted them RIGHT NOW so they ran up their credit card bills which is essentially what the financial institutions did as well, although the bank's credit card holders were We The People with very low credit scores and high credit card/HELOC debt which was held held by those same banks. cliche: endless cycle. 

Let's move on to the auto industry shall we? For years we have made large unsustainable cars and the poo finally hit the fan and now the industry is crying. Disclaimer: I have a large unsustainable car. So free market what should be do? Realize that there is a dwindling market for our inferior gas guzzling cars let the industry go belly up learn our lesson and innovate? No, don't like that capitalism? How's about we give them $25 billion one week and when that isn't enough we pump in another $50 billion. Sound better. Are there strings attached like: "um auto industry try making a sustainable product based on today's market's needs and not the roaring 90s and the I have my head in the sand 2000s. Thanks." No?  How about we just give some cash to shut you up then. I see your head nodding. Let me get my checkbook. 

Now I totally realize that these industries are filled with people with families who need to survive. But I seriously doubt that we are learning any sort of meaningful lesson by paying bloated people cash to lose weight. I don't agree with paying kids who get As either. Hard work is simply expected in my book and so is integrity. And you may ask yourself, what the hell got into her, a spastic fetus jumping around that won't let her sleep? I would reply yes. But also, there is a pink Hummer that lives around here. When gas prices were super high it disappeared and went into hiding, its parents either couldn't afford her food budget or were afraid that she would be maimed by all the Hummer haters. As soon as gas hit $2.50 good old pinky returned to the streets. I see her everywhere now. I see this Hummer as a symbol, let's put all of our financial responsibility to our children (not to mention the Earth) on the back burner and go shopping. Then after we have had one too many corn dogs from Hot Dog on a Stick at the food court and are now rather obese we can go running to someone and ask for a magic dollar to fix all of our problems. 

(I know this maybe a political blog which I thought I was done with, but at least I didn't mention any party names. I may lighten up by tomorrow. Just don't get me started on health care, where my thoughts are completely socialist.) 


pappy said...

I think you need chocolate.

Kathleen said...

I here you, and lets face it things ar enot going to get better any time soon, although we will have a new president the effects and ideals of the old government will be around a LONG time to haunt us.

I also feel you need chocolate!

LemonySarah said...

Turns out, checks and balances are good things. So is affordable health care for everyone.

Most of all, chocolate is good.

May I add that I'm very proud of Colorado? We rock!

Um, please don't take that as a pun.

love2cook said...

You need a nice hot fudge sundae all by yourself with no news ;)

Cathy said...

I'm really bad at economics, so your post was very helpful. I've about had it with the bailouts, too!! I'll be on the lookout for the Pink Hummer--those cars make me want to scream.

Anyway, I tagged you today!