Sunday, November 2, 2008

more fun with groceries

You may remember that I do NOT like grocery shopping with the husband. We always end up spending more money than I care to spend. However, for the second month in a row I let him come with me. Not to Costco, oh no no no. But to just the grocery store. Now that I think about it we did check out the new Sprouts store a couple weeks ago together. He picked out some steaks and didn't complain about the lack of food in the house all week. Just a couple of steaks was all it took. So I figure that every once in a while the man can accompany me to the store. He absolutely loves it so, while I HATE it. Loathe it. I Simply do it because we need food. So we can get down to a few dried out tortillas and a shrivled grapefruit and I am cool with it.  The kids do not starve. I promise. Plus, we get our milk delivered so every Monday morning I know that we will have milk. The husband, on the other hand, I think measures our life's successes on how well the pantry is stocked. Plus he prefers that it look like a store shelf, while I have spatial issues. I find organizing spaces really hard. Clean house, very messy closets. So when I shop, come home and unload I tend to just shove the new food in with very little rhyme or reason. Don't look in the back of the fridge, things may have grown appendages. 

But seeing as how I am getting larger by the minute and taking the kids with me to go horrible grocery shopping sounds like torture, the husband was included on Saturday. Did we spend more money. Yep, sure did. Will he actually take his lunch to work with him instead of going out. I seriously doubt it. But, he won't whine or complain about the lack of snacks for a least a week. We will actually have more food to cook, I will say that. When he comes with us I let him take over the whole shopping experience as well, he gets to push baby girl around and picks out the food. While I wander around day dreaming of white sand beaches and mai tais, there may have been a pool boy involved, I can't say for sure. The biggest benefit of having Mr. Man join us is displayed below. He organized and put all the groceries away, even wiped out the fridge and disposed of any multi colored unrecognizable food like substances. I rewarded the effort with cookies. Plus, I only made five comments about the amount spent as opposed to the usually 50. Having the dear man shop with us may be something that I welcome more often. It costs extra, but it certainly helps my sanity. 

Oh and the boy very loudly stated "Hey Mommy look at that fat family," while we were checking out. Nice.


leafandsap said...

my fridge is jealous of your fridge. and my husband does the same thing... it's a $300 trip to costco if we all go. yikes. once i made us not get a cart so that we had to carry everything we wanted in our arms. that worked until halfway through dry goods. happy cooking this week!

love2cook said...

S is the same way about grocery shopping AND COSTCO!! He always likes to check out the new wine and beer at both locations. Although, I admit I occasionally overspend at the grocery store when I see a new spice or a certain meat/fish on sale.

Cathy said...

That's so funny. I'd say it's completely worth the extra money to not only have your husband do the shopping but ORGANIZE the fridge and pantry!