Thursday, November 20, 2008

nothing really

Meet Cava. This is the pug we are watching off and on until February. She reminds me of the talking pug in the movie Men in Black. I am pretty sure she won't be here the week I give birth and I am not sure about after because while I am mostly mellow now, I am anything but mellow when I am post partum. I am neurotic and tired and extremely forgetful. Which results in comments like: when was the last time we fed the dog and cat, two days ago? Actually, has anyone seen them today? Poor pets. The husband is planning on taking some time off to help since I won't be able to drive for 10 days but the last thing I want to do is starve someone else's pet.

In other news, here are some much anticipated updates I am sure:

1. I found the big fat underwear. I went looking under the dresser to say hello to the dust bunnies and saw something poking out that was stuck in between the dresser and the wall. Low and behold it was the granny pants. The next day I went to put them on and saw how incredibly huge they were and stated "there is no way these will fit my nice firm buttocks...oh, look they do rather well actually." humbling.

2. I received a call from the nanny agency that the crazy babysitter who I found sleeping in my bed was fired. I kind of feel bad because now there is a person unemployed, but perhaps she was simply in the wrong line of work.

3. I am learning Chinese and boy oh boy is it interesting. They don't conjugate verbs, which is just awesome. But they use all these "classifier words" when speaking that make no sense to me and I am pretty sure they are there for the noise they make. And don't get me started on the characters. This is going to be a long process. Like most languages I can hear and understand way better than I speak.

4. The boy has moved on from race cars to airplanes. His favorite is the SR-71 Blackbird fastest plane in the world. Which is exactly how he says it over and over. He wants a SR-71 Blackbird fastest plane in the world birthday cake next month and a SR-71 Blackbird fastest plane in the world toy. I am not sure how easy the toy is going to be to find since the plane has been decommissioned since 1998. He did get to see one while at the Manny's basic training graduation so I planning on having a picture of him and the plane scanned onto the cake. I guess there is always e-bay for the toy.

5. We actually had a birthday party for the dog. I am not a fan of doggy birthday parties but she was turning 10 and the kids were so into it so we got her a toy and some dog cookies and cupcakes. I don't really dress up my pets either unless I am feeling diabolical and want to torture them or if I am making a Christmas card. So Maddy was allowed to sit at the table and eat a cup cake. The very idea that she was being allowed to sit at the table with the humans was just too much for her. Any other day she will climb up the table to look for food, but because she was allowed to sit there she acted like she was going to get in trouble. She couldn't even eat her cupcake. So after telling her it was ok and then laughing rudely at her we put the cupcake on the floor and she ate it in one bite. Dogs.


love2cook said...

Cava is SO CUTE!! I love pugs. In fact, if I was single I would have one.

Hey! Big fat underwear is the most comfortable :)

I am GLAD that babysitter got fired. Some people aren't meant for certain jobs!

WOW Chinese?! That's great! Is this for your next career? Want to hear more about it.

I am laughing at the SR-71, I can totally relate. Mr. E loves, loves planes. The boy would love the air/space museum out here.

Happy birthday to the dog! Nothing wrong with celebrating a birthday. I can't wait until Monti reaches 1 because these teen years are driving me bonkers!

EatPlayLove said...

oh my, what a hodge podge. From panties to fast planes to little dogs! funny!

A1C Manny said...

I would like to claim responsibility for the SR-71 thing. The asked me one day what the fastest plane in the world was. How was I to know the ramifications. And yes, zhong wen is complicatedly simple. Pesky lack of alphabet and DAMN THE RADICALS!!!