Monday, November 17, 2008

oh dear fetus of mine

While being pregnant with boy child a good five years ago I loved it when he moved. Loved it! He was huge and at the end it must have been pretty difficult for him to move because he hardly did at all. I was so good and did all of my "kick counts" just to make sure everything was alright in there. When he joined us in the outside world he was so mellow. As long as he was fed he was happy. He hardly ever cried. That has since changed, he fusses about things frequently now like having to go back to bed at 4 am. But despite his wiggling and occasional tantrum he is still a pretty mellow laid back kid for his age. He is a pleaser, I am trying to get him to stand up for himself. Just not when he is standing up to me.

Then came baby girl. While on the "inside" she parked herself right up by my ribs and kicked and kicked and kicked and then punched a little. I never felt like I could breathe. She too was on the large side but had a bit more space than the boy. I remember commenting to the husband that this is going to be one hyper active kid. She is. She is a sweetie and truly has gotten better with the hitting and sharing, but she is always on the move. Plus she is a bit of a drama queen. She was an awful baby who couldn't stand the car because she wasn't being held and moved around. Driving a mile was torture. She has never gone into a full on sprint to get away from me in the parking lot or at the mall like the other one has done, but she is an opinionated little thing who displays her drawings on the wall, just without paper.

If my theory hold any water and the fetal movement inside is a good prediction of baby behavior then the husband and I are in for a holy terror. This fetus is either small, which I seriously doubt given the ultrasound and my history of too large for my pelvis babies and has plenty of space to flip about, or he is going to need some Ritalin. He is always on the move. Thankfully not up in my ribs but my entire belly moves around when he squirms. Which is frequently. Oh sure he sleeps a little, but most of the time he is flipping from left to right, lays back to kick out his legs like he's on a recliner and then stretches his little arms out for good measure and wiggles fingers and toes. I am pretty sure he is sweating to oldies in there with Richard Simmons. Then come the hiccups. All of my kids got the hiccups frequently and as babies to, it always seemed to coincide with a growth spurt. This kid must be growing a lot. Unlike the boy's very predictable hiccup schedule, which was about 10 am every day, this kid's is about four times a day or naturally when I am relaxing. Like infants, fetuses totally understand the concept of "Mommy just sat it is time for some attention."


love2cook said...

I remember those days. :) Ms. E did a lot of hiccups in the womb and Mr. E loved being nudged into my ribs. Wow, not much longer now! The boy and the girl sound like so much fun with personalities to keep you on your toes. :)

Mitchell Family said...

You married Joe, and you expect calm babies...not a chance sister!

EatPlayLove said...

Sj was the hiccup QUEEN! soon he'll be in your arms!

Kathleen said...

this all sounds so familiar! it is rather freaky when the belly moves around so much. It wont be long now though!