Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Seven things in pictures, all scanned

I was tagged by the Clotheline for seven more random things about myself. Here they are in pictures

1. My favorite holiday is Christmas. (Isn't the Manny adorable??)

2. My first car on Christmas morning

3. I used to occasionally do this, now I take my son to do it.

4. I once swam with dolphins, I swam with manatees too but don't have a picture of them.

5. I was supposed to go here with the husband for Valentine's Day 2001 but we missed the bus...I cried.

6. This is my dog Maddy as a naughty three year old, she turns 10 on Friday and we are actually having a little party for the dumb mutt.

7. This is from the very first movie that the husband and I saw together. July 9, 1999. awwww.

I am tagging Welcome to the Circus for some random bits of information. I am sure she has plenty. 


love2cook said...

These are GREAT!!

EatPlayLove said...

Love it! And, have you seen the commercial for this new show, the SUPER MANNY? Who is this imposter and what have they really done with your manny?

A1C Manny said...

I still wear that same outfit when I feel saucy.

Cathy said...

That was great! I love the photos! Thanks for sharing! Really. :):)

Kathleen said...

promise i will get to it. love the photo's especially the christmas one!