Saturday, December 6, 2008

Bratz dolls

"Just in time for the holidays, a federal judge has granted giant toymaker Mattel one of its big wishes. The judge ordered a rival company to stop selling Bratz dolls, which have undercut sales of Mattel's own Barbie. Wednesday's ruling follows a jury's finding that Bratz doll designer Carter Bryant came up with the pouty-lipped dolls while working for Mattel. The judge said the Bratz dolls may remain on store shelves until after the holidays." from NPR Morning Edition

Thankfully baby girl is still to young to be attracted to the little hoochies. Because these are the type of dolls I want my daughter to emulate, let me tell ya'. She's having her breasts "enhanced" at seven too....sheesh.


EatPlayLove said...

I read about this yesterday. My cousin just sent Sj one in the mail, it was a hand me down. Lovely,it's in the closet.

BTW, there's something for you over at my place! stop by.. smiles- Denise

love2cook said...

I cannot stand those things. Ms. E knows those are not allowed in this house!

Kathleen said...

We have been following this too, thank goodness as i hate those things they are creepy.

bernthis said...

May I just say how thrilled I am to see those little whores off the shelves? I have a 5 year old and I"m so tired of saying, "No. Those girls are not permitted in our house."