Friday, December 12, 2008

Happy Birthday

Today you turned five. It seems like only yesterday I was seeing you for the first time. You were HUGE, we were so excited to meet you. I watched you grow and change from a helpless newborn to a happy easy going baby. You crawled happily on the floor, played with your toys, never fussed in the car. You were in my eyes the perfect baby. (Just don't tell your sister.) You learned to walk at nine months and instantly became a dare devil. At one time you were the silent type. Now you pepper me with questions from the moment you wake up at 6 am to the time you go to bed at 8:30. Despite my honest efforts to change you, you are a morning person. You are all boy, nothing terrifies you, except for maybe the thought of having to put lotion on. You are funny, smart and as your teacher put it this year "a gentle giant."  You are my first. You will always have that special place in my heart. Mommy doesn't always knows how to be a Mommy, but you show me everyday what love is. Your spirit is so kind and forgiving it amazes me. I love you more than these words here could ever express. 

Happy Birthday!




Pappy said...

Happy Birthday. I know the feeling.

love2cook said...

Oh! That made me cry! So sweet! I can't believe he's 5! Happy birthday!

Kathleen said...

you can'tbe making lots of people cry you know!! well put! hard to believe 5 years, crazy really. very cute baby picture too!

Cathy said...

Happy birthday! Very sweet letter--it does go by way too fast. :)