Monday, December 29, 2008

She just keeps piling sticks in a circle

Oh hello there, I must have forgotten to write. The mountains were fun, but cold. The boy has declared himself a skiing maniac. I went shopping. The eating of food was wonderful. Baby girl got to sled and tried on some practice skis. The Manny slept. The husband walked the snow dog for me. All was right in the world. We came home and had a blissful Christmas. Santa dropped off too many toys, yet again. So did the grandparents, and the Manny, and everyone else who knows our spoiled children so we were left with a huge mound of toys and no place to put them.

Plus I am pretty sure the baby dropped. This has never happened to me before. Third pregnancy will do it I guess. Anyway round ligament pain and peeing 95 times a day is not fun. Either is a fussy husband. So to handle his freaking out that THE BABY WILL BE HERE SOON HOLY CRAP attitude I made him nest. And boy did he ever. The entire family room/ gigantic FAO Schwartz store that is our family room is organized! It is wonderful. All the toys have a special place, there are cubbies, and shelves and buckets. There are centers. It is wonderful. While he was at it he organized the office "area" too. Once again everything has its place. And! to top it off Christmas has left the building. (I can't stand the tree up past Christmas day.) Oh I am a happy girl.

I still have not nested as far as the baby is concerned. Oops. With the first the nursery was put together four months in advance. Washed clothes and everything. The second go round it was put together about a month in advance, I didn't know baby girl was indeed a girl so the yellow items were washed. I have got about two weeks left and at least the stuff is in the house now. Until yesterday it was in the garage. The crib is up. I bought some diapers. But that is about all. I have no special baby detergent so NOTHING is washed. No overnight bag is packed. The bassinet is still not put together. They are just in a big heap in the baby's room with the door shut. And the crazy thing is this pregnancy is acting different. There are sensations going on in there that I weren't there with the last two. I need to get my shit together. People tell me oh you will KNOW when you are in labor (I have never *really* been in labor before) but I beg to differ. Not that I am in labor right now, just that it may begin sooner rather than later. The first delivery went something like this:

Three weeks to go my old OB decided I needed another ultrasound because the first one showed that I had placenta previa and they wanted to make sure good old placenta had moved out of the way. Then the tech told me I was looking at a ten pound kid. Because someone's mother just happens to be an OB and while I was visiting a few months before and had gotten a freebie ultrasound she had told me all this already so I was not too surprised. The old OB in Vegas declared that kid isn't going to fit in your pelvis. You are small. You are having a c-section. Now because I was already at the point of "someone has got to get this kid out of here and I don't care how" mood I said sure. Mr. Fussy likes everything scheduled doesn't not handle the unexpected well husband was thrilled. The c-section was scheduled. Everything was already done at home. He just had to wait. No freaking out for him. So on the blessed day in December there were no blizzards to contend with it was Vegas, just the flu. I woke up are realized I was sick. And not just cold sick, but sick. So I snuck a Tylenol and went to hospital. Because I was pretty sure they wouldn't have done the c-section that day had they known what my real temperature was and I was at the point of craziness with getting him out of me. While I was waiting for my surgery they hooked me up to monitors and declared I was having contractions. Regular ones too. Now I am not sure if Tylenol is strong enough to dull the pain or what but I was quite surprised since I couldn't feel them at all. Not a thing. So this is my dilemma now. I think the kid has dropped. Crazy things are occasionally happing in there (like someone every so often stabs my cervix with a knife among crampy feelings.) But since I have no idea what labor feels like because when I was in labor for that brief two hours before my surgery I couldn't feel it, I really have no idea what is going on in there. My cervix has never dilated before. I have never dropped. I expressed all this to the husband who freaked out a bit more and turned his attention back to his nesting.

So any of you out there who have had babies and been in labor to remove them from you...please give me some advice on this.


love2cook said...

How nice that hubby organized for you! As for your pain, when my water broke with Ms. E, my belly got rock hard and hurt like H***! Have you had your cervix checked? I am really thinking good thoughts for you girl!

EatPlayLove said...

oh boy. hope that little man stays put until his arranged arrival date. Or go stay with your mom for the next few weeks, may be the safe bet!

Happy New Year my friend!

Kathleen said...

sorry i was induced both times. I am sure you will know.