Friday, January 2, 2009

Jennie's horrible no good rotten day

Yesterday, I had a blissful day shopping. I had a gift card and holy moly the sales that take place on January 1st are unbelievable. I sucked up the pain (which is, according to my doctor, that the head is very low and my cervix is thin but in no way has it dilated.) I paid for my shopping extravaganza the rest of the day, but it was so worth it. I love gift cards, I know many people find them impersonal, but to me they are time (not to mention cash) to shop which I would never do otherwise. I am a girl and girls do like shopping, I just don't partake in this activity very often. Unless Costco or the grocery store counts. blech.

But this morning either my perspective changed or there is something happening with the force. It started out like most other days. The boy wakes up at 5 and I convince him to go back to bed, but he can't because he wet the bed. So he crawls in with us, with new jammies on of course. Then at about 6 he NEEDS to get up so he watches some cartoons and plays with toys. I doze. Baby girl wakes and announces she is poopy. So I begin my day.

Today, like every other day, I am the owner of a Volvo XC90. I purposely have not mentioned this fact before. But Ms. Rich Bitch Princess forced me to reveal her identity today. If you are considering buying one, just don't they are not worth the headache. We purchased the SUV with the greatest safety features ever 2.5 years ago, gently used. Apparently her previous owners bought her and then decided to divorce less than a year later. She is still a spring chicken. We have put some miles on her like around 40 thousand. We travel a lot. But for being as young as she is, she sure likes to break. Or shall I say, she enjoys her time at the spa. Which is where she is now...until Wednesday. About two months ago she was leaking transmission fluid. She already has had lots of gaskets changed on her. Her oil and transmission fluid were mixing about a year ago. She requires very expensive tires and that pricey gas. Fast forward to about two weeks ago and I noticed the car was making a lot of noise around 55 mph. It honestly sounded like a bad wheel bearing. We had a couple of them do that in the last car. After all the holiday festivities were over we figured we better get this problem fixed because of the blessed event about to take place. We drug Princess to the spa and dropped her off thinking she'd come home later today. AND then I went Costco. Why because we needed dog food and I can't lift the bag by myself and Mr. Man is unemployed so he is home right now. (Just until Monday, then he starts his new and hopefully improved job. KLAND had gotten on my last nerve.) So I hobbled around Costco for an hour. We bought dog food. It was quite the domestic moment.

Then the spa called. Princess was extending her vacation until Wednesday because there is something wrong with her drive shaft. Very dangerous to drive her right now blah blah blah...$1500 blah blah blah. I haven't mentioned that we are shelling out $1200 in Cobra insurance costs because I am pregnant and the husband is unemployed for five days this month. Plus we aren't 100% sure that the new insurance isn't going to consider this person inside me as a preexisting condition. Obviously $1200 is less than ten thousand in hospital bills, and you never now when baby girl get croup and the boy is due for some sort of event, it has been awhile. So we are being extra cautious. So Merry effing New Year bank account. Oh, and the fact that Mr. Man is going out of town for three days next week and so I have to drive the other exact opposite car to somewhere else in Colorado in case I go into labor and for yet another pesky OB appointment. Let's just say the other car is old (it has a tape deck), has no heat or air conditionig, no safety features, BUT NEVER EVER BREAKS. (knock on wood) Plus it takes regular old gas. It is a tank. But, there is not room for three car seats in it so let's just hope Mr. fetus stays put. I could rent another car, but I am thinking that I am pretty cheap at this point.

And have I mentioned that my pelvis hurts??? I need my Mommy.


Kathleen said...

hey we have a portable DVD player with two screens if that would help with entertainment, your welcome to borrow.

love2cook said...

Sorry about the car!! That really stinks! My sister-in law had a volvo and had so many problems with it as well. I really hope things look up soon.

bernthis said...

I'm still waiting to find out how much my traffic ticket is going to cost me plus my kid wants to take gymnastics, plus, plus, plus

I can only say to you that last year alone I spent over 3 grand on my car and to me it was like throwing it into the street.

Hope your pain subsides. Happy New Year (did I say that already?) If I did, well I"m only saying it again b/c there are really two of you rolled into one and I want to make sure I covered both of you.

EatPlayLove said...

aww bummer! One of those looks good, but boy is she high maintenance! I guess I'll keep recommending my, only have changed the oil and tires in 5 years Toyota to everyone!

Am I going to see you before that baby comes?

Cathy said...

that's too bad--it's so stressful having a car that breaks down a lot!