Saturday, January 31, 2009

Postpartum me

This phase of life amuses me so. That is, if I were to take a step back and look at myself from an outsiders perspective. The first couple months after having a baby are like some crazed emotional three ringed circus where no one sleeps and everyone sprays milk all over everything.  Plus there are adults that throw tantrums better than a well practiced two year old. The first few days are like Christmas morning...husbands buying diamonds, there are tears, hugs, loving gazes. Then the hormones plunge and someone begins to have fits about how messy the house is, the lack of sleep, and what the hell is going on with her body. Not to mention the Mommy Brain where someone mistakenly put the milk into the pantry with the cereal only to have her spouse find it hours later at room temperature. At least that is what I have heard, not that I would have a tantrum, ever. 

For me it is solely about the this fine little food group I am now calling chocolate. After the boy was born I discovered this delicacy. I began craving something and nothing in my normal diet would satisfy this craving. I knew it had to be sugar based, but the usual gummies, starbursts, skittles, and sweet tarts were not cutting it. Then I got my hands on some chocolate cake at a restaurant. It was pure heaven. I was all, "have you tried this stuff, what is it?"

Husband: Um that would be chocolate.

Me: Wasn't that a movie? 

Husband: Seriously, it is chocolate.

Me: I must be left alone in a room with pounds of this thing you call chocolate. I'll call you later. Oh and if that little squirmy thing starts to cry bring him to me, but until then I want to be alone with this sweet goodness.

Husband: Alrighty then.

After girl baby was born I pretty much behaved the same way, but decided I was going to lose my weight super fast and only bought the 100 calorie chocolate cookie packs and then ate the whole box of them in one sitting. 

So this go around when the chocolate craving struck I was prepared. I have in my possession a HUGE box of brownie mix from Costco. Not to mention that very kind people that I associate with have been bringing me meals with dessert complimentary. I am losing weight pretty well so today when a box of Annie's chocolate bunny cracker/cookies waltzed through the door I honest to God poured them into a bowl and ate them like cereal, you know with milk in the bowl. Pure chocolaty female hormonal goodness. I am pretty sure I put the milk back in the refrigerator. 


love2cook said...

LOL! Very funny! Glad you finally discovered earth's greatest creation for women! I think it's probably the endorphins we all like :)

EatPlayLove said...

I haven't baked anything this week but when I do, I'll make it a double. Oh and Girl Scout cookies are in on Sunday.

Shall we make a date for sunday?!

Kathleen said...

will need to stop by and rop of some chocs for you - once we are all better of course.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jenny,
So funny to see your blog.. I have never read them until I found them saved on our favorites. I miss u and hope you are doing well with baby and two other toddlers. I know what it is like now to have babies and toddlers and all i have to say is omg!!!!! I want to pull my hair out sometimes. but pls email me.... I would love to chat. caleb is such a 2 yr old!!! rambuncious (sp?) and annoying...but i still love them with all my heart...they are blessings!!! well email miss you jenny...wish we were closer to you!!! Jessica (and Mark)