Sunday, January 25, 2009

a return to life...chapter three

The baby is asleep and no one else is home...a good time to blog. All in all the birth was a success. The wee one was ripped from my body with his cord around his neck not once but twice for good measure. He was perfectly fine though and I have to say that I am recovering faster with this one than with the previous two. I went home from the hospital a day early and have since been nursing and changing diapers. Pretty easy stuff really. However, tomorrow the husband returns to his new place of employment and I will have all three children with me. Plus I get to drive one to preschool. The first post partum drive is always a really treat, panic attacks, going 10 below the speed limit, should be fun. I am really not looking forward to tomorrow. I was completely spoiled with the last two and had the husband home for weeks. But since I am now qualified to write a book on parenting and am the proverbial "they" as in "they say that..." I think I will buck up and take it like a woman!

The wee one is a VERY easy going baby so far, like most men he cares mainly for boobs and his stomach and that is about it. Baby girl was all about building relationships and bonding from day one so this is decidedly easier. Plus it really is just more on the pile of laundry, no life change going on here, just more soiled onsies. We are truly blessed.

Oh and the husband renegotiated his marital contract by presenting me with a little sparkly thing that came in THE BLUE BOX of all blue boxes post c-section. I have consulted with the board and have decided to keep him on staff at the Jennie Household in a permanent capacity.


Mitchell Family said...

Good luck today! Glad everything is going well and that he's such a good baby for you.

Cathy said...

so glad the first two weeks have gone well!! sucks that it's snowy today.

Kathleen said...

glad you are all doing well, we can't wait to meet him. call us if you need anything, especially now hubby is at work.

bernthis said...

Tell your husband that blue is my favorite color and that I love shiny things and the reason I should get something shiny in that blue box is that I polished my floor tonight and dusted!!!


Okay, well at least one of us got something. LOL


love2cook said...

Congrats on the wee one and I'm so glad he's easygoing. That helps. I'm so glad to hear you are recovering well.

EatPlayLove said...

umm. I need the BLUE BOX details. asap. I'll take a text if you have your hands full, LOL!