Tuesday, February 24, 2009

This all started by celebrating the dog's birthday

To the left is the husband with his family celebrating Mardi Gras I think it was 1979, he is the Dixie light beer can. 

There is so much bad news out there right now that I have changed my t.v. viewing and radio listening habits just to avoid it all. I am an NPR junkie but I find myself turning on music instead simply because I can't stand all the bad news. I also know that I really want a tropical vacation right now, but all the traveling we will be doing is to take the wee one on his goodwill tour to meet all the relatives. (Yes relatives I am very happy to be traveling to see you all.) Hopefully they can provide a fruity beverage and some sun. Plus, this time of year is hard, I usually start to mope around the house and try to come up with excuses to move to Europe, but with the husband's new employment that just isn't going to happen. I love his new job so I can't complain. But I can't mope, especially during the infant period...I know where that leads and it is no where good. Sleep deprivation and hormones do strange things. So I devised a plan that all holidays are to be celebrated in the Jenniehousehold so I can get through this year and not go crazy. I am a person that needs something to look forward to, a vacation, a holiday, a race, a big game, something, anything. Celebrating all the holidays with some flair gives me something to look forward to, a distraction from bad news, and the kids LOVE it.  

For President's Day we read a book about Lincoln. Not so exciting, we could have made hats too I suppose. But we had just finished up from Valentine's Day. We had a big pancake breakfast, the kids had pink milk. We all exchanged cards and the husband I exchanged gifts. Then we all made pink cake that afternoon and the kids had a heart shaped pizza for dinner while the husband and I had crab legs. We had something to look forward to and had fun celebrating.   I realized that I had fun getting ready for the celebration and almost was sorry to see it over the next day. 

So today is Mardi Gras and since the family, sans myself, is Cajun, we are celebrating. Yesterday the kids and I went out to buy beads and some masks to decorate. The beads and masks were really cheap at a party store and then I bought a bag of feathers and glitter for them to decorate with. They had so much fun decorating, messy but they were very proud of their work. We took a trip to a bakery that I have never been to before to buy a King Cake. It was a little pricey for just a family party at home and I could have just made a cake stuck a plastic baby in it and frosted it purple, green, and yellow but decided against that and sprung for the cake. I am not sure I am capable of actually baking King Cake. Tonight we are having a shrimp boil (crawfish are hard to come by) to go with the King Cake, oh and dirty rice for baby girl because she will not eat shrimp. I would have bought some Dixie beer for the husband if I was not opposed to taking kids into a liquor store. 

Next up on the agenda is St. Patrick's Day. We have an Irish last name so that means we get to celebrate it good! You know by drinking green milk. 

Friday, February 20, 2009

the nonexistent list

A few months ago I asked the husband who was on his "list." You know that one, except that we, my husband and I, don't really have one because there is that whole I just put the neighbor on the list thing. So really I was just asking him what celebrity he found attractive. He looked at me blankly and wanted to know if it was some kind of trick. But at the time I was honestly curious. Then about a week before I gave birth we were watching t.v. and some shot of a scantily clad Halle Berry appeared. The husband stated, "Yep, she's on the list." Then I was all, "what is the matter with you, that is the last thing I want to know right now, how you find Ms. Berry attractive..." and then some more huffing and puffing and I blew his house right down and then walked out of the room. What can I say, I was HUGELY pregnant and just a tad hormonal. So now I know that Halle Berry is on the husband's nonexistent list. Which I can totally understand because I look just like her. ahem. I also think that Julia Roberts and Drew Berrymore are on this nonexistent list because of little comments I have heard over the years. Apparently the husband doesn't have a "type." 

But I think that I may have a type or at least in the celebrity department. Probably in real life too, oh who am I kidding it is the bad boy turned good guy in the end. Yes husband that means you.  And not the other way around! So here are the top three actors that are footing the bill. 

The first two are really amusing because they are the guys you just know are flirting with you because they can, you wish you weren't buying into it but you are. Drum Roll Please...Mr. Chicago Vince Vaughn and no shirt Matthew McConaughey. These two guys are ones you tell yourself not to like but you do anyway. Movies that exhibit this bad boy turned good are The Breakup and Wedding Crashers and for Mr. Shirtless Failure to Launch and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. (But NOT Dazed and Confused. ew.) Mr. Vaughn is a bit too tall for me, but so funny that I  am willing to over look that. And well, Mr. McConaughey is just nice to look at. 

But the ONE is Matt Damon. I am not really sure what this is about, I think it has to do with the jawline and teeth. But Lordy do I like some Bourne movies and of course Good Will Hunting.  Even when he is a big dork in the Ocean movies that Matt Damon is sure pleasant to watch on the big screen, or even on the little iphone screen it doesn't matter.  He is right at the top of the nonexistent list. 

And don't judge me Dad, Manny, and husband, I know how you like James Bond movies and I don't think it has to do with the cars or gadgets, but maybe because of Ms. Berry exiting the ocean. 

Here is a nice little youtube clip of Matt Damon impersonating Matthew Mcconaughey. 

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

she's a summer girl apparently

Since the children are doing nothing blog worthy, just skiing, playing with dolls, eating and pooping I have nothing remotely interesting to write about. Plus I still have not dyed the grays. So my friends, we are going to discuss smells. More importantly my favorite smells because it is the dead of winter and aside from stale indoor air their aren't smells going on now. Like at Christmas everything smells wonderful with all the baking and trees around. Then you have spring where everything starts to bloom. But we are in that smell devoid in between time. I have three favorite smells I have decided. I concluded this at 3 am while nursing and then changing a diaper.

Favorite smell # 1: Bar B Que. I love the smell of bar b que restaurants, my husband grilling, or some random neighbor grilling. I guess I can throw campfire in on this one because we bar b que on it as well. But this smell says "Relax Jennie, everything is right in the world, for you see, someone is charring dead animal flesh." I assume a lot of people have this as a top smell and I am thinking it has some prehistoric anthropologial reasons.

Favorite smell #2: The bark of a Ponderosa Pine Tree. Oh my this smell is wonderful. It smells like vanilla/caramel. When it is warm out and we are hiking this smell is everywhere. I actually go up to the tree and sniff them. Yes I am odd. But they smell so good and I associate that smell with being outside hiking. Plus it makes me hungry for hot fudge sundae's at Mc Donald's and only Mc Donald's. We don't eat there very often at all, but there is just something about those sundae's. Be sure to order extra fudge otherwise it isn't that same as you remember as a kid.

Favorite smell #3: Coppertone. Simply because it reminds me of the beach. No further explanation needed.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Now where did I put those Girl Scout cookies??

Where will you find me today? Doing the Denise Austen Bounce Back After Baby video in my bedroom. Via the very old VHS tape, because we kick it old school here; or we are just really cheap. Oh yeah, it is very embarrassing, but I am stir crazy and am too neurotic to really take the baby out into the general population for a walk so I am wiggling to some very bad aerobics. Its OK I cleared it with Dr. Mom who said it was perfectly fine (she doesn't want a fat daughter) as long as I didn't do ab work. No problem, I am sporting this muffin top pretty well thanks. I have no shame left.

Oh and stay tuned for the very special blog where I buy hair dye from Walgreens and attempt to cover up the grays. It.is.going.to.ROCK! (Thanks for the advice Norah.)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Hits from the bong...kickin' it preschool style

I wrote a couple months back that the boy is no Michael Phelps, at the time I was talking about swimming. The poor child just wasn't into getting his face wet. But after seeing the boy's new "adult" behavior and Mr. Phelps' new world record of the most viewed bong hit, perhaps I need to rethink this idea.

A couple of weeks ago the husband and I were fixing the washing machine...again, and heard from above our heads a very loud, very childlike voice scream "God damn it!" The boy was apparently rather frustrated with his race track toy and decided that having the Creator damn the piece of plastic was in order. The husband and I laughed and laughed, I was crying I was laughing so hard. This child has heard quite a few naughty bits come out of his parents mouth but had never repeated them until that very moment. However, the the next day came the, "Oh crap!" and the "Mom, there are no friggin' C batteries in the house and I need them." It was at this point the husband and I had a little chat about the boy's potty mouth.

But the really fun part was when it was time to go to bed that evening and the husband was enjoying his barely and hops; we told the boy it was bedtime. The boy looked at us with one eye brow raised and took a big gulp straight from the beer bottle. Oh snap.

That's right my sweet little innocent five year old with a loose tooth is now cussing and beer drinking. Not naming any names here, but let's just say that he comes by this behavior honestly. cough cough husband and in-laws. That is until he was threatened with mouth washing and a trip to the Betty Ford Clinic if he kept it up. Put that in your bong and smoke it kid! "But I don't want to go to the Betty Ford Clinic he wailed. I was just curious...crying jag continues while mean Mommy talks to the boy about proper five year old behavior." All the while the husband is saying "Yeah" every once in a while, I guess for good measure.

So while I could say that, we, his parents are to blame, I am not going to. Instead I am blaming his Christian preschool. I heard those kids in there asking each other if they cared for a light beer or regular. Honest.