Tuesday, February 17, 2009

she's a summer girl apparently

Since the children are doing nothing blog worthy, just skiing, playing with dolls, eating and pooping I have nothing remotely interesting to write about. Plus I still have not dyed the grays. So my friends, we are going to discuss smells. More importantly my favorite smells because it is the dead of winter and aside from stale indoor air their aren't smells going on now. Like at Christmas everything smells wonderful with all the baking and trees around. Then you have spring where everything starts to bloom. But we are in that smell devoid in between time. I have three favorite smells I have decided. I concluded this at 3 am while nursing and then changing a diaper.

Favorite smell # 1: Bar B Que. I love the smell of bar b que restaurants, my husband grilling, or some random neighbor grilling. I guess I can throw campfire in on this one because we bar b que on it as well. But this smell says "Relax Jennie, everything is right in the world, for you see, someone is charring dead animal flesh." I assume a lot of people have this as a top smell and I am thinking it has some prehistoric anthropologial reasons.

Favorite smell #2: The bark of a Ponderosa Pine Tree. Oh my this smell is wonderful. It smells like vanilla/caramel. When it is warm out and we are hiking this smell is everywhere. I actually go up to the tree and sniff them. Yes I am odd. But they smell so good and I associate that smell with being outside hiking. Plus it makes me hungry for hot fudge sundae's at Mc Donald's and only Mc Donald's. We don't eat there very often at all, but there is just something about those sundae's. Be sure to order extra fudge otherwise it isn't that same as you remember as a kid.

Favorite smell #3: Coppertone. Simply because it reminds me of the beach. No further explanation needed.


The Manny said...

Wow, you're bored aren't you.

love2cook said...

I agree about February, dead of winter. Ugh.... But then again, what about chocolate?? There's V-day :)

Kathleen said...

I love the smell of coffee, don't ever drink it but love the smell. That and the ocean. Sometimes it is a good thing to have nothing to write about, your just living in the moment!

my3SmallBears said...

You crack me up: "someone is charring dead animal flesh". Interestingly, even when I was a vegetarian and most meat smells grossed me out...I still loved the smell of bbq.

My other favorite smell (besides the obvious chocolate) is pine. Reminds me of camping and hiking.