Tuesday, February 24, 2009

This all started by celebrating the dog's birthday

To the left is the husband with his family celebrating Mardi Gras I think it was 1979, he is the Dixie light beer can. 

There is so much bad news out there right now that I have changed my t.v. viewing and radio listening habits just to avoid it all. I am an NPR junkie but I find myself turning on music instead simply because I can't stand all the bad news. I also know that I really want a tropical vacation right now, but all the traveling we will be doing is to take the wee one on his goodwill tour to meet all the relatives. (Yes relatives I am very happy to be traveling to see you all.) Hopefully they can provide a fruity beverage and some sun. Plus, this time of year is hard, I usually start to mope around the house and try to come up with excuses to move to Europe, but with the husband's new employment that just isn't going to happen. I love his new job so I can't complain. But I can't mope, especially during the infant period...I know where that leads and it is no where good. Sleep deprivation and hormones do strange things. So I devised a plan that all holidays are to be celebrated in the Jenniehousehold so I can get through this year and not go crazy. I am a person that needs something to look forward to, a vacation, a holiday, a race, a big game, something, anything. Celebrating all the holidays with some flair gives me something to look forward to, a distraction from bad news, and the kids LOVE it.  

For President's Day we read a book about Lincoln. Not so exciting, we could have made hats too I suppose. But we had just finished up from Valentine's Day. We had a big pancake breakfast, the kids had pink milk. We all exchanged cards and the husband I exchanged gifts. Then we all made pink cake that afternoon and the kids had a heart shaped pizza for dinner while the husband and I had crab legs. We had something to look forward to and had fun celebrating.   I realized that I had fun getting ready for the celebration and almost was sorry to see it over the next day. 

So today is Mardi Gras and since the family, sans myself, is Cajun, we are celebrating. Yesterday the kids and I went out to buy beads and some masks to decorate. The beads and masks were really cheap at a party store and then I bought a bag of feathers and glitter for them to decorate with. They had so much fun decorating, messy but they were very proud of their work. We took a trip to a bakery that I have never been to before to buy a King Cake. It was a little pricey for just a family party at home and I could have just made a cake stuck a plastic baby in it and frosted it purple, green, and yellow but decided against that and sprung for the cake. I am not sure I am capable of actually baking King Cake. Tonight we are having a shrimp boil (crawfish are hard to come by) to go with the King Cake, oh and dirty rice for baby girl because she will not eat shrimp. I would have bought some Dixie beer for the husband if I was not opposed to taking kids into a liquor store. 

Next up on the agenda is St. Patrick's Day. We have an Irish last name so that means we get to celebrate it good! You know by drinking green milk. 


Cathy said...

great idea to make the most of the holidays--it will make good memories for sure! I had king cake for the first time at recipe club--really good!

love2cook said...

It's so great you're doing fun activities with the kids. Love that old picture! :) How about green eggs and ham for St. Patty's day? That's what we do. :)

my3SmallBears said...

That sounds so fun! I need to steal your idea...this place needs some livening up! L would have *loved* the pink milk!!! She'll have to settle for green on st patty's day.

EatPlayLove said...

oh my goodness that must be Joe's dad, that looks just like him! wow!