Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Letter to me

You may have heard that country song by Brad Paisley "Letter to Me." Every time I hear it I want to actually write a letter to my dumb teenage self. So here it goes, pay special attention if you are a teenage relative of mine, ahem.

Dear teenage Jennie,

You can be by yourself. You really will be OK, do not give all of your attention to your boyfriend. They are boys, they are young and dumb. Learn how to make and keep female friends. Good friends it will serve you so much more later in life than making sure some guy is into you or not. That being said, do not make friends with people who date your ex boyfriend. It just hurts your young heart too much and is seriously not worth the effort. Don't date your friend's exes either. Your friends are more important than that. Do NOT for the love of Pete, date someone that you have nothing in common with. It is a waste of time. Spend that time doing things that you like. Find your passion by trying new things, not just following the crowd. Once again surround yourself with girlfriends...they will mean so much more later in life I promise. 

Study! I know you don't want to and it is a pain in the ass and there are more exciting things that are happening, but if you study hard, and learn to play the game you can go to a better college, pick a reasonable degree path and then you will have all kinds of disposable income once you graduate and land yourself a real job. Your job in high school job should teach you work ethic, but it pays like crap do not think this is an OK end point. You can do way better. I am proud that you never skipped school that much. Boring yes, but lots of things in life are and you just got to deal. 

Your parents are not as stupid as they seem. They love you more than anything in the world. I promise you that. I know this now because I am a parent. Are they selfish? Yes. Have they done really stupid things? Yes. But they are human like everyone else and will make mistakes. You will have a better relationship with them later in life. You don't always agree with them, but you learn that fighting just isn't worth it. They feel really bad about things, they hurt just like you do. 

Driving is a privilege, it can be taken away from you. While you were never caught driving without a license you are bordering on seriously getting screwed. Stop doing it teenage Jennie! 

Don't shoplift! 

Your body looks great stop dwelling on it. In fact eat a doughnut. 

Be nice to people. The wisdom of do unto others...take it to heart. 

Don't dye your hair blue or black. Pink is fine though. 

Don't get that tattoo in college, you will HATE  it later. Your mother is right. 

The little tiny space in your closet that leads to the plumbing is not a good place to hide alcohol. 

Most of all you know right from wrong. When your gut is telling you not to do something, listen to it. It is always right. I know you don't feel like a kid anymore, but you are. Have fun, but seriously think about your life. In a blink of an eye you will be a wife and a mom with real responsibilities. Don't squander your youth on doing things you will regret. And your gut is telling you which ones you will regret. 




The Wrongfully Accused Manny said...

As I recall I was the one who was accused of hiding the Jack Daniels in that little spot in YOUR closet.

love2cook said...

Loved the letter! Are you going to write one to the kids?