Thursday, March 12, 2009

My brain has had to much time to itself

After I felt sorry for myself for two days I decided I had had enough. I prayed. (Yes Jennie prays!)  This morning I felt like this is my life right now and I had better make the best of it and then I heard a nice little bit of information on NPR. Funny how that happens, huh? It was about doodling and how doodling is a good thing while in a meeting it keeps your brain somewhat attentive to the task at hand. Researchers have found that bored brains are almost hyperactive brains and are seeking activity so they day dream and fixate on things to keep themselves occupied. This is my problem. I am tired and stressed but I am bored. I was really good at school and took quite difficult chemistry classes and so I am sure my brain at one point was a fine tuned precision instrument. My job kept me busy and while I didn't exactly like it it was engaged and had to talk to people. Staying at home can be lonely and let's face it ladies, it can be really boring. So I need to exercise the poor brain because an idle postpartum brain is a dangerous thing. Mine doesn't get too depressed, but it concocts great day dreams and huge anxieties. It needs to stay busy and while I am busy I am not being mentally challenged. And I can't really walk around all day doodling. 

I surveyed what I like and what I am good at. Knitting and other crafty things are not my cup of tea. I am not dexterous enough and have little patience with learning. Nor should I be left alone with a glue gun. So those items are out. Cake decorating does sound fun, but then I would have to eat the cake which is not a good idea. So I am planning on taking time for myself a few times a week to work on my Chinese again, take some time to workout, and write. I really love to write. So much so that I joined a writers club in college. So I am looking to start one again. Or possibly join one if no one I know is interested. It is a lot like a book club you meet a couple times a month at a house or coffee shop. You pick a topic set a timer and write. Then everyone reads what they wrote and discuss. A writing group is fun and helpful because you see how you can be a better writer, mistakes you are making, where your strengths are at. Plus, you meet people and really find out about them. It is challenging and intimidating to read your work aloud, I think this is really what I need right now. So if you live around here and want to join me on this adventure let me know. I am speaking to the lurkers as well.   

Here is the NPR article if you are interested: Doodles


Cathy said...

let me know what you find and I'll join you too! Also, I'll be happy to watch your kids sometime so you can get a break. :)

EatPlayLove said...

LOL! You think the octopus lurkers are going to join in! (that was a joke) Sounds like fun, let me know when you plan to meet, I'll bring a timer.

love2cook said...

I think a writing club is an excellent idea. Wish I could join you. I totally relate to how you are feeling. That's why I started a book club.

Kathleen said...

I'd maybe give it a go, not sure if it's my thing to be honest but i am willing to try once and see how it goes?!