Thursday, April 23, 2009

Signs of spring

We went on a afternoon "hike." Big Fat baby got to ride in the bjorn while the older kids harassed the ducks. 

During last week's springtime snow storm (where we got 4 inches of snow and three days of rain) the birds built this nest. They do this every spring, the husband usually knocks it down but I have convinced him to let it stay this year to see if we get baby birds. 

Usually by now this tree is covered in white flowers but a late freeze hurt its new leaves and it only has a couple of flowers. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day

The weather is beautiful this week, I've got three sets of grandparents coming in a few weeks, I am planning vacations, thinking about my garden, the kids are happy and healthy, and I even made an impromptu trip over to a girlfriend's house this morning for some sunshine filled chatting and little girls on swings, not a whole lot to complain about around here. 

Today is also Earth Day, here is what the kids had to say about it:

The Boy: Earth Day means help the Earth by not riding in our car today, and by not riding motorcycles, just scooters or bikes, and put the trash in the recycle, and plant trees so they can help the Earth, and we can, um, not shoot anything because bullets have smoke, and we can take care of our pets, are we can be nice to everyone, and water the plants, and help animals by not letting anyone hurt them, and not making fires or smoke, and stop people from smoking.

Baby Girl: um,  I want a hair brush, I want outside make prettier. 

Big Fat Baby: coo coo coo

Then the boy stated we needed to make a cake for the Earth, funny how it always goes back to cake. 

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I do love that song

Many of you may be wondering whatever happened to ranting snarky Jennie. I have been trying out this new thing called being nice. Trying to be nice to my husband, remembering that my kids are still little and appreciate their kid-ness. You know, manifest my rainbows and butterflies. But while listening to, you guessed it NPR, I have decided to let snarky Jennie come out and play. What has me in a tizzy you ask? I mean Obama is president I have no W to lob my shoe at, what ever could have set me off? 

The hub bub surrounding Britain's Got Talent Susan Boyle's appearance.

Washington Post fashion editor Robin Givhan has decided that Ms. Boyle needs a make over due to industry standards. That's right "industry standards". At one point I believe she used the word professionalism. snort. I would like to ask what standards those might be. Stick figures for bodies, botox, implants, jeans that cost as much as my mortgage? You mean those standards? Ms. Boyle walked out on stage wearing a  pleasant looking  dress, a dress that was rather age appropriate in my opinion. She wasn't scantily clad like most in the "industry,"  she is a bit overweight but I am of the opinion she should shed pounds (or shall I say stones) for health reasons and not for some TMZ viewer's pleasure.  She wasn't wearing jammies  like the woman I saw walking back from the grocery store (complete with slippers!) But a normal dress. 

I say, leave the decision up to Ms. Boyle after all  it is HER body, we already have enough plastic Bratz dolls to look at thank you very much. Instead of focusing on her not so hotness we should perhaps focus on her beauty, which is her voice; and perhaps the Western world should not  be so surprised that a plain looking woman can sing extremely well.

OK snarky Jennie is going back in the box now. I am dreaming of an afternoon filled with non tantrum throwing kids but smiling ones and an easily prepared dinner. 

Monday, April 20, 2009


I was in college in Missouri at the time watching it unfold live on CNN like the rest of America. Ten years later I am in Colorado as a mama and those images pain me more today than they did that day ten years ago; because I am a mom. Hug your family today. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Poor Happy Monster

A few weeks ago we had the boy's conference with his preschool teacher. He was doing fine, acting appropriately in class for the most part, learning to read, write, all the good stuff. She showed us a couple of his drawings. One of which I recognized as our dear Manny. He draws the Manny quite a bit. The Manny in the picture always has long legs. She showed us another one, once again I recognized this drawing for he had been drawing it pretty regularly. It is a smiling face with crazy hair and little legs. (His people usually lack bodies, every once in a while they have a tummy.) His teacher asked him about the picture. He said it was a monster. 

"It looks like a very happy monster." 

"Oh she is. She lives under my bed!" 

He was speaking about this happy monster who sleeps on the bottom bunk. 

This poor happy monster slammed her finger in the door yesterday. Now the poor happy monster has a broken finger, a missing nail, and stitches. She's still happy though. Not one single tear during the stitching. The boy held a wash cloth on her bloody hand while yours truly drove like a mad woman to the ER. Big fat baby just smiled during the three hour tour of the ER...actually I believe it was four hours. My kids are awesome.

Poor happy monster's bangs have almost grown back. I just love this picture.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Here is the latest picture of my family. I still look pretty tired, but I don't feel too tired. I love those four people so much that sometimes it hurts.

I am Jennie and I am an iphoneaholic. My husband thinks this addiction is a good thing. I agree for the most part it is. The iphone is a wonderful distraction for my crazy brain while I am nursing. For those of you who have fed a baby you may know what I am talking about. You sit there multiple times a day while your brain becomes bored and then wanders around in search of some trouble to get into. My brain with baby girl was a very naughty brain. I know that a lot of people watch t.v. while feeding their babies which is exactly what I did with the boy, however, now I use the t.v. as a babysitter for the older two while I am nursing simply because they go wandering around looking for something to get into and they ,unlike a brain, have opposable thumbs. So now I read blogs but harldy ever comment (sorry its rather hard to comment on the iphone with one had...there is no app for that!) and I am a major twitter lurker, and I facebook (lots), not to mention all the news sites I visit.  All of this keeps my brain busy. Yesterday however the news was not so good. Most of you reading this know about the devastation of the Spohr family. Please donate to the March of Dimes. After I read the news I started simply sobbing. I was a snotty mushy mess and then when I told my husband I lost it again. I feel so incredibly blessed. I thanked God that our little bout with pneumonia what just that  a little bout and that big fat baby is just that big and fat. I thanked God that baby girl always responded while in the hospital with croup. I thanked God that my family member recently diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis is finally getting the medical help needed. I am still wracking my brain on how to be a better support.  (You all want a mom and three kids for a few weeks in a hotel mind you or perhaps a move to Colorado?) I am so grateful for my husband and my family. Yesterday made me realize that I need to show this more. 

I was talking to my husband before he left for work this morning about how I feel so incredibly blessed especially when I have heard a lot of bad news lately. He agreed. He stated that we have such an incredible support system with our family and friends that he KNOWS people would step up if something ever happened. I agree totally. I am in complete awe about the outpouring of love and support for the Spohr family from the blogger and twitter world. People are not meant to be alone and I believe that technologies that many decry as time sucks and addictions are actually ways to keep us all connected and are in fact community. 

I am Christian and this is Holy Week for me. So here is my prayer (this is actually a difficult thing for me to do) What ever your religion or spiritual beliefs are I am praying for good health, love and peace for you and your loved ones. Happy Easter. 

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Who says kids today are different

When I was nine my mother, the manny, and I took a road trip from Iowa out to visit family in California. As a child we went somewhere every summer. As my single mother went from very poor college student, then medical student, then  medical resident, then Air Force Major, and finally a doctor in private practice the trips became more posh. What once was camping while looking for houses in Iowa because my parents (who were married at the time) couldn't really afford Motel 6 turned into European vacations twelve years later. But on this particular road trip out to California to visit the grandparents and the crazy Aunts the manny and I because horrible no good rotten children. Or least the manny did. My mom had just traded in some nasty station wagon whose right passenger door didn't work for a used LeBaron with leather seats. It felt awfully swanky to us kiddos; as did my very first Guess jeans t-shirt I wore proudly on that trip (still couldn't afford the actual jeans). We left Iowa meandered through Nebraska and then arrived in Colorado Springs. We had been in the car two days at this point and I was overjoyed that I got to sit up front while the manny sat in the back because my poor mother had to separate the bickering children. The manny and I never got along well as children. Actually he adored me and I was just plain old mean to him. (sorry dear manny). 

Earlier in the year my bother and I had been in a wedding I was a very proud flower girl while the manny had to be bribed by my mother with a pocket knife to be the ring bearer. I might add the pocket knife was the kind that included a spoon and fork and a butter knife as the knife part. The eight year old didn't notice the spoon and fork, but simply his knife.

My mother was quite excited about taking us to see the garden of the gods and the mountains because as I said we were living in Iowa amongst the corn and hogs so this was to be a real eye opener. However,  just two days into the trip the manny and I were quite beside ourselves and the manny had gone two whole days without t.v. and was having DTs and in one brazen moment stabbed the poor LeBaron's back seat with the pocket butterknife. Then quickly realized what he had done and tried to "fix" it by stuffing blue fur off of his aptly named Blue Bear into the stab wound. Needless to say my mother was not pleased. At the time I felt quite smug, I hadn't stabbed the car I was an ANGEL. 

But this last weekend my daughter who is only two mind reminded me of the trip. Well actually my mom did after I texted (yes texted) her what her darling little angel granddaughter did to my bed. We have started a huge spring cleaning fest around here after we decided on moving (I found my dream home and had pre-approval letter in hand) and then had our dream smashed by a realtor who pretty much told us we wouldn't get even what we paid for the house five years ago never mind the 10k in upgrades we have made. So we are fixing up what we got even more because I will not pay someone to buy my house and I want things how I want them. 

So the closet doors were off of the hinges in order to better clean out the over stuffed closet and then baby girl marched right into my room pushed over the doors onto my canopy bed smashing the canopy beams and splitting a post. She pushed them on purpose, but unlike the manny she is two and did not have the smarts to figure out what the outcome would be. The husband and I were pretty annoyed with Miss Naughty, the post was fixable but the canopy beams were not.  We are being negatively reinforced to keep a cluttered house; and I am reminded that kids are kids and do naughty destructive things now just the same as twenty years ago. I was also reminded, just this morning, that my obsession at 10 with Guess jeans now translates into a Sketchers obsession with my five year old STILL in preschool son.