Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day

The weather is beautiful this week, I've got three sets of grandparents coming in a few weeks, I am planning vacations, thinking about my garden, the kids are happy and healthy, and I even made an impromptu trip over to a girlfriend's house this morning for some sunshine filled chatting and little girls on swings, not a whole lot to complain about around here. 

Today is also Earth Day, here is what the kids had to say about it:

The Boy: Earth Day means help the Earth by not riding in our car today, and by not riding motorcycles, just scooters or bikes, and put the trash in the recycle, and plant trees so they can help the Earth, and we can, um, not shoot anything because bullets have smoke, and we can take care of our pets, are we can be nice to everyone, and water the plants, and help animals by not letting anyone hurt them, and not making fires or smoke, and stop people from smoking.

Baby Girl: um,  I want a hair brush, I want outside make prettier. 

Big Fat Baby: coo coo coo

Then the boy stated we needed to make a cake for the Earth, funny how it always goes back to cake. 


love2cook said...

I always wonder if the rest of the world is celebrating too?

EatPlayLove said...

Yeah impromptu drop by! Smiles.

Kathleen said...

Love it!