Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Poor Happy Monster

A few weeks ago we had the boy's conference with his preschool teacher. He was doing fine, acting appropriately in class for the most part, learning to read, write, all the good stuff. She showed us a couple of his drawings. One of which I recognized as our dear Manny. He draws the Manny quite a bit. The Manny in the picture always has long legs. She showed us another one, once again I recognized this drawing for he had been drawing it pretty regularly. It is a smiling face with crazy hair and little legs. (His people usually lack bodies, every once in a while they have a tummy.) His teacher asked him about the picture. He said it was a monster. 

"It looks like a very happy monster." 

"Oh she is. She lives under my bed!" 

He was speaking about this happy monster who sleeps on the bottom bunk. 

This poor happy monster slammed her finger in the door yesterday. Now the poor happy monster has a broken finger, a missing nail, and stitches. She's still happy though. Not one single tear during the stitching. The boy held a wash cloth on her bloody hand while yours truly drove like a mad woman to the ER. Big fat baby just smiled during the three hour tour of the ER...actually I believe it was four hours. My kids are awesome.

Poor happy monster's bangs have almost grown back. I just love this picture.


Kathleen said...

just told that to Dave and he is knotting him self about the drawing. Sorry about the hand, hope it heals quickly

laughingatchaos said...

she is so darned cute, monster or not.

EatPlayLove said...

oh my goodness, the monster under the bed! He's too funny. Poor girl, hope it heals ASAP.

love2cook said...

I hope she feels better soon! She is such a cutie, monster or not :)

Mitchell Family said...

So Funny!!

Amber said...

"Happy monster" the reference. I have a couple of those myself. And monsters. But not always happy ones. :-)