Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Who says kids today are different

When I was nine my mother, the manny, and I took a road trip from Iowa out to visit family in California. As a child we went somewhere every summer. As my single mother went from very poor college student, then medical student, then  medical resident, then Air Force Major, and finally a doctor in private practice the trips became more posh. What once was camping while looking for houses in Iowa because my parents (who were married at the time) couldn't really afford Motel 6 turned into European vacations twelve years later. But on this particular road trip out to California to visit the grandparents and the crazy Aunts the manny and I because horrible no good rotten children. Or least the manny did. My mom had just traded in some nasty station wagon whose right passenger door didn't work for a used LeBaron with leather seats. It felt awfully swanky to us kiddos; as did my very first Guess jeans t-shirt I wore proudly on that trip (still couldn't afford the actual jeans). We left Iowa meandered through Nebraska and then arrived in Colorado Springs. We had been in the car two days at this point and I was overjoyed that I got to sit up front while the manny sat in the back because my poor mother had to separate the bickering children. The manny and I never got along well as children. Actually he adored me and I was just plain old mean to him. (sorry dear manny). 

Earlier in the year my bother and I had been in a wedding I was a very proud flower girl while the manny had to be bribed by my mother with a pocket knife to be the ring bearer. I might add the pocket knife was the kind that included a spoon and fork and a butter knife as the knife part. The eight year old didn't notice the spoon and fork, but simply his knife.

My mother was quite excited about taking us to see the garden of the gods and the mountains because as I said we were living in Iowa amongst the corn and hogs so this was to be a real eye opener. However,  just two days into the trip the manny and I were quite beside ourselves and the manny had gone two whole days without t.v. and was having DTs and in one brazen moment stabbed the poor LeBaron's back seat with the pocket butterknife. Then quickly realized what he had done and tried to "fix" it by stuffing blue fur off of his aptly named Blue Bear into the stab wound. Needless to say my mother was not pleased. At the time I felt quite smug, I hadn't stabbed the car I was an ANGEL. 

But this last weekend my daughter who is only two mind reminded me of the trip. Well actually my mom did after I texted (yes texted) her what her darling little angel granddaughter did to my bed. We have started a huge spring cleaning fest around here after we decided on moving (I found my dream home and had pre-approval letter in hand) and then had our dream smashed by a realtor who pretty much told us we wouldn't get even what we paid for the house five years ago never mind the 10k in upgrades we have made. So we are fixing up what we got even more because I will not pay someone to buy my house and I want things how I want them. 

So the closet doors were off of the hinges in order to better clean out the over stuffed closet and then baby girl marched right into my room pushed over the doors onto my canopy bed smashing the canopy beams and splitting a post. She pushed them on purpose, but unlike the manny she is two and did not have the smarts to figure out what the outcome would be. The husband and I were pretty annoyed with Miss Naughty, the post was fixable but the canopy beams were not.  We are being negatively reinforced to keep a cluttered house; and I am reminded that kids are kids and do naughty destructive things now just the same as twenty years ago. I was also reminded, just this morning, that my obsession at 10 with Guess jeans now translates into a Sketchers obsession with my five year old STILL in preschool son.  

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love2cook said...

Those situations can be very trying on patience that's for sure! At least the doors didn't fall on her. It's always good to think of those things we did as kids. Yes, kids will definitely be kids :)