Thursday, May 28, 2009

He'd be a "Tiny Mite"

When the boy was about 5 months old we were in the grocery store and a
couple of firemen said "Shanahan is going to be looking for him." We
had just moved to Denver. I was confused. The only Shanahan I knew
used to play for the St. Louis Blues. But then I figured out they were
talking about (the now fired and replaced with some pip squek of a
coach) Mike Shanahan of the Broncos. In other words "lady, that is one
BIG baby." The boy has kept up this larger than average size for the
past five years. He's five but looks about seven. He looks even bigger
next to me because I'm short. But today while we were enjoying our
nice suburban outing the boy was fawned over by a pee wee tackle
football coach. You would have thought we were in Odessa, Texas. He
thought the boy would make a great defensive end. This was lost on me,
but I felt the need to share this information with the husband who
nearly crapped himself with joy. You see the husband played Texas
football and has been dreaming of this moment since we saw a little
hot dog on the ultrasound. Within twenty minutes the husband had
filled out the assistant coach form and had looked up prices for
helmets, pads, and whatever else one needs to play football. I was
content to deal with a pot smoking skiier in high school because the
boy can ski pretty darn well already, but football?? Usually this just
makes me think of O' Bannon in Dazed and Confused, i.e. a jackass. But
we'll let the husband have his moment. I asked the boy if he wants to
play. "Yeah! Or maybe boxing Mom."

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Rooster come home

This week has been really long. It is one of those weeks with too much
drama, very little napping, no patience, and way too much peeing in
public. I feel like I am drowning. I can't even fold the laundry
without getting distracted. Too many time outs, too many tears, too
much yelling. I know this is not an easiest job and it is what I
believe I should be doing now. I just wish when I look at them after
they fall asleep that I didn't feel so guilty. Another day wasted with
timeouts, yelling, and tears.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Handy Manny where are you

I am in the midst of house destruction. I am trying to prepare for the
6 grandparents coming this weekend. I am a type A person. I want
everything to perfect. Including getting this paint out of my hair.

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Friday, May 15, 2009

Some tomatoes, mozzarella, basil, olive oil and some balsamic

 I've been thinking a lot lately that it was now ten years ago (today actually) that I left for Europe. I hadn't met the husband, that was a about a month off. Funny now looking back and remembering what was about to come, who I would meet, how my life was going to completely change and yet not know any of it. I was just happy to leave Missouri, shlepp my bags through customs in Atlanta and land in Germany. I still want to do that. Almost daily. Except I want to with my family, not by myself. I can't help it, it is the gypsy in me. That summer for Memorial Day I went to Mont St. Michael and Normandy. It was one of the most incredible sights. There are still huge craters from where bombs exploded. We saw the American Cemetery. It was so humbling. The husband went to Normandy too a few weeks after I did. We still hadn't met.    Pointe du Hoc 

   American Cemetery

          Mont. St. Michael

When I think that a decade has passed I just can't fathom it. Living there was so life changing for me. I miss how slowly life flows in Europe. I can sit all day and day dream about living there. 

One of favorite things to do is to eat outside. Sidewalk cafes. Just linger. This is challenging with children, but the boy likes novel things and would probably put up with it for a while. Yet, sidewalk cafes, al fresco dining where one can linger are bit difficult to find here. There are a couple of streets in Boulder and downtown Denver that afford you this luxury. They let you know it too. It seems pretentious and trendy here. Not relaxing but uptight, who can be more organic and granola than the next cafe.

While on the Normandy trip my family and I ate at a restaurant in Caen. Most eating establishments on the continent will throw out some tables and chairs near their front door. Usually just plastic nothing special. So naturally we ate outside. It was wonderful. I think I may have dumped my wine on the table. Or perhaps it was the Manny. But it was still great. Unlike the previous evenings tangle with mussels for the first time. Um, thanks but no thanks. Later the Manny and I joined in on some sort of outdoor festival going on that night.  I was proud I got use the one French phrase I know: 
non, je ne parle pas Français. 

There is something about lingering over conversation with family or friends outside with wine or iceless soda if you prefer. You are never rushed. Eating out is so one can enjoy them self, not to shove over salted three portion sizes too large food in you as fast as you can with sports and *flare* blaring all around and then hurried with the check. Plus my favorite Caprese salad is a staple throughout Europe. The husband and my first date was a simple margarita sitting outside in a square in Luxembourg. I have noticed traveling about most places have plazas or squares. In Cuernavaca it was called the Zocolo. In Germany it was the fußägnger zone. I know that Pearl Street in Boulder is a small version of this. As is the microscopic Writers Square or 16th St. Mall in Denver. Oh sure we have our pre-fab pedestrian malls near us that have the exact same chain stores and restaurants that are everywhere in strip mall America that "pretend" to be a plaza /square/promenade. They are generally named: Theoverpricedchainstorerestaurants at the PlazaSquarePromenade. I am not looking for anything fancy, nothing commercial or trendy, just relaxing and outside that serves a Caprese salad. Perhaps I am too picky. Perhaps I am too nostalgic. 

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

People in your neighborhood

I don't think that it is street legal but the boy sure thought it was
cool. Ah, suburbia.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pink, ew gross.

Big Fat Baby here folks. Doesn't my mommy know that I am way too fat
for the Bumbo. And pink of all colors!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Farm raised carrots

I am pretty sure I have made it abundantly clear that I do not enjoy grocery shopping. I can't put menus together in my head. I am overly attracted to organic packaging and to seemingly random food items, such as organic fajita marinade or some never heard of before pesto sauce. I don't really even like pesto but the jar it came in was pretty so I put it in the cart. If you look in my grocery cart it is pretty. Full of random brightly colored organic food. Because it is pretty not because I know what I am doing with any of it. 

I also am not fond of taking my children to the store. They run around. A lot. I am sick of hearing myself by the time I get to the car. The whole trip I am yelling "get back here" "we don't buy Oreos" "One. TWO. THREEEEEEE." "alright that is a time out."  I sound horribly annoying. But let's say my kid wants to pick out some "farm raised carrots" (carrots with the tops still on) I oblige the little thing because they are pretty and I am pretentious in nature. 

We have a new grocery store by us that opened a couple weeks ago. It is large and pretty. It has an Asian gentleman making sushi. There is an olive/cheese/hummus bar. Plus there are kid sized grocery carts. We gave 'em a whirl one day. NOT.A.GOOD.IDEA.  My hyperactive children, who must have an espresso machine tucked away in their bedroom somewhere, decided to race the pint sized grocery carts all over the store. I was the mom who just could not handle her kids in public. Not at all. Because one can't swat a bottom in public anymore but I was on the verge. I am not even sure one can threaten to wash a mouth out these days. I was just the one threatening timeouts until college graduation. I took one cart away thinking it would calm down if there weren't two to race. Nope. They decided to take revenge and ram the cart into my Achilles tendon until it was almost severed in two. So finally I grew horns out of my head and my pointy tail came out and in my low horrible coffee breath mommy is very pissed whisper gave them a verbal bashing. Because what else can one do. I loaded up the farm raised carrots into my cart with big fat baby and yanked two screaming brats through the check out. I am not one to leave a cart full of food and go home empty handed.  This fun can only be had once every two weeks so I was hell bent on getting the sustenance and getting out of there. I refuse to shop "on my time off."  You know, while the kids are (snort) with their father. 

Something had to be done. We have our milk delivered. We bought a side of beef. I stocked up on chicken, bread (even bought extra flour so I can make more if necessary) bought tons of diapers at Costco and signed up for Door to Door Organics again. A box of fruit and vegetables comes once a week. In the summer it is all local produce. This should cut the grocery shopping time in half. Since we eat mainly veggies, fruit, chicken, and an unGodly amount of bread with  peanut butter I won't need to take the darlings into the store for at least three weeks. Or at least that is what I am hoping for.  

Here is what came in our box last week. Most of it is gone, we will be eating artichokes tonight because three showed up as did farm raised carrots. The cow flew in from Wisconsin. The husband was unaware of the stuffed animals downstairs who are opposed to taking birth control and are having an orgy. To date they have filled two gigantic bins. The cow fits in quite nicely. 

Sunday, May 10, 2009

ooooo gossip gossip

New bundles of joy...but not from my uterus thank God:
Yesterday was quite the day for news. For starters a dear friend of mine had her first baby. It was a surprise pregnancy and while she was half way across the world freaking out I was sitting at my computer screaming with joy because we were both pregnant at the same time. I was very happy she was knocked up surprise or no surprise. Her daughter joined us for life on this happy little planet around noon yesterday and she is completely surrounded by love. Welcome Bella we love you. 

The husband learns to hold hands and sing:
My husband had flown out of town this week for his Grandmother's funeral. It was a long time coming and she is somewhere a heck of a lot cooler than a nursing home now so that is a good thing. But from the sounds of it God seems to know when it is time for families to reconnect. While unfortunate that a death is what needed to happen for everyone to come together to sing Kum Ba Yah, that is what happened. I am sure there was plenty of beer to aid in the singing. 

The Manny screams like a girl on a roller coaster:
And now for the news from our dear Manny. Yesterday was the Manny's birthday. Happy Birthday Manny! But in pure Manny style he decided to take his sweet heart to some amusement park that is so not Disneyland but since they have already been there together I will let it go this time. While on a nameless roller coaster the Manny popped THE QUESTION. And yes I mean THAT question! He had previously warned us and her family that he was twitterpated and wanted to get married and have all the fun that comes with marriage. You know like bills, diapers, mowing lawns, and "discussions."  He has decided it was time to put an end to all this fun dating stuff where everyone has just brushed their teeth and no one leaves the toilet seat up. I am truly happy for him and the soon to be Mrs. Manny.  Plus she has the coolest name EVER. Congrats you two! Look how sickeningly adorable they are. AWWWW!

Friday, May 1, 2009

the neurotic mommy brainINATOR

The weather here is sooooooo annoying lately so we haven't been out much; and aside from my new 12 step hand washing protocol complete with singing that has been implemented in the Jennie household to combat the hog flu not much is going on.  Oh yes, I have turned into THAT mom overnight. Hey I got a baby and managed to watch a very scary program on flu epidemics a few years back courtesy of PBS which totally scared to poo out of me,  it seems like the first six weeks postpartum hand washing  has permanently taken root. So my friends, let's talk about something way more kids' cartoons. 

I am not a fan of Nick JR. I let my kids watch some of it. (Heaven forbid that Sponge Bob enters the house.) Dora's voice has an irritating quality to it. Diego is pretty cute I suppose.  Saturday morning cartoons are total junk in my opinion, however the boy enjoys Sushi Pack. At first I thought I was going to see some California rolls hanging about, but no, its just some Japanimation looking thingies, but there is a cute green Wasabi character. I am a Disney fan. Imagine that, me, who got married in Disney World, a Disney cartoon fan. I like that there are no commercials, pienso que el hombre con la voz de Handy Manny es guapisimo, Imagination Movers has a sort of Devo quality to it, and my all time favorite is Phinneas and Ferb. I will actually watch this cartoon with my kids. I think it is the funniest thing ever. (digression: I used to watch the Simpsons pretty religiously but just can't get into the Family Guy...sorry Jen.)

My favorite character would be Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz. In my wierd little world he is hilarious. His character is obviously for parents' enjoyment since I found out yesterday he is dating again, meeting ladies online. I cracked up laughing, the boy asked me what was so funny. They like that I watch this show with them. I even have a favorite episode. There are plenty of youtube videos of it out there. I started looking at some to post but the children must have secret cartoon sensors attached to them and it was like flies to honey. PHINNEAS AND FERB ARE ON YOUR COMPUTER. WE WANT TO WATCH PHINNEAS AND FERB!!!  So after chasing away they little things so I can have five minutes to myself while big fat baby naps I thought better of it and so here is a picture of the very funny evil professor instead. Check it out sometime if you haven't been subjected to it already.