Monday, May 11, 2009

Farm raised carrots

I am pretty sure I have made it abundantly clear that I do not enjoy grocery shopping. I can't put menus together in my head. I am overly attracted to organic packaging and to seemingly random food items, such as organic fajita marinade or some never heard of before pesto sauce. I don't really even like pesto but the jar it came in was pretty so I put it in the cart. If you look in my grocery cart it is pretty. Full of random brightly colored organic food. Because it is pretty not because I know what I am doing with any of it. 

I also am not fond of taking my children to the store. They run around. A lot. I am sick of hearing myself by the time I get to the car. The whole trip I am yelling "get back here" "we don't buy Oreos" "One. TWO. THREEEEEEE." "alright that is a time out."  I sound horribly annoying. But let's say my kid wants to pick out some "farm raised carrots" (carrots with the tops still on) I oblige the little thing because they are pretty and I am pretentious in nature. 

We have a new grocery store by us that opened a couple weeks ago. It is large and pretty. It has an Asian gentleman making sushi. There is an olive/cheese/hummus bar. Plus there are kid sized grocery carts. We gave 'em a whirl one day. NOT.A.GOOD.IDEA.  My hyperactive children, who must have an espresso machine tucked away in their bedroom somewhere, decided to race the pint sized grocery carts all over the store. I was the mom who just could not handle her kids in public. Not at all. Because one can't swat a bottom in public anymore but I was on the verge. I am not even sure one can threaten to wash a mouth out these days. I was just the one threatening timeouts until college graduation. I took one cart away thinking it would calm down if there weren't two to race. Nope. They decided to take revenge and ram the cart into my Achilles tendon until it was almost severed in two. So finally I grew horns out of my head and my pointy tail came out and in my low horrible coffee breath mommy is very pissed whisper gave them a verbal bashing. Because what else can one do. I loaded up the farm raised carrots into my cart with big fat baby and yanked two screaming brats through the check out. I am not one to leave a cart full of food and go home empty handed.  This fun can only be had once every two weeks so I was hell bent on getting the sustenance and getting out of there. I refuse to shop "on my time off."  You know, while the kids are (snort) with their father. 

Something had to be done. We have our milk delivered. We bought a side of beef. I stocked up on chicken, bread (even bought extra flour so I can make more if necessary) bought tons of diapers at Costco and signed up for Door to Door Organics again. A box of fruit and vegetables comes once a week. In the summer it is all local produce. This should cut the grocery shopping time in half. Since we eat mainly veggies, fruit, chicken, and an unGodly amount of bread with  peanut butter I won't need to take the darlings into the store for at least three weeks. Or at least that is what I am hoping for.  

Here is what came in our box last week. Most of it is gone, we will be eating artichokes tonight because three showed up as did farm raised carrots. The cow flew in from Wisconsin. The husband was unaware of the stuffed animals downstairs who are opposed to taking birth control and are having an orgy. To date they have filled two gigantic bins. The cow fits in quite nicely. 


pappy said...

wow, all that and it is only Monday. Whew.

love2cook said...

Those veggies look fantastic! Look at this way, at least your cart wasn't packed with Doritos, prepackaged cookie varieties, capri sun and Lunchables! I say, way to go on your choices!

my3SmallBears said...

OMG, you crack me up! I also hate grocery shopping and refuse do to it during my down time, such as it is. I use King Soopers delivery. It is a flat $10 and I LOVE it. Well, it has some issues, but its still worth it. I can shop online while the babies are napping, and there's no crying, begging for unhealthy food, and I can shop with my menu next to me. They have an adequate (barely) organic selection, but combined with door to door and milk delivery (which we also do) it seems to work out ok. I do a once a month or month an a half huge trip to whole foods. Someday I will live on the wild side and try sprouts or sunflower. Try it, you'll like it. :)