Thursday, May 21, 2009

Rooster come home

This week has been really long. It is one of those weeks with too much
drama, very little napping, no patience, and way too much peeing in
public. I feel like I am drowning. I can't even fold the laundry
without getting distracted. Too many time outs, too many tears, too
much yelling. I know this is not an easiest job and it is what I
believe I should be doing now. I just wish when I look at them after
they fall asleep that I didn't feel so guilty. Another day wasted with
timeouts, yelling, and tears.


Pappy said...

Hang in there. They become teenagers.

Kathleen said...

thinking off you, we too have been having the time outs tantrums and tears and that's just from me!

leafandsap said...

This too shall pass. Every now and then you need to show em who's boss ... you're just stocking up now so you'll get a few days of relief in a row at some point! Take a deep breath, pour a deep glass, watch something stupid & forget about it. You're a great mom. Don't beat yourself up. Somebody's gotta make em cry, anyway -- might as well be you.