Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Eight Trips Around the Sun

                                           Eight years ago today I was busy doing this.

                                                     I laughed the whole way down the aisle. 

                                                           You, on the other hand, cried. 

Then they let us kiss in public. I don't remember much of this part. Except for a crane flying over the lake. I was trying not to pass out. 

                    Then we kissed so much we upset the birds. Have I told you I don't like birds? 

Then someone gave us  cake to eat. It was really damn good. Even a year later it was good. 

                                                                My dad got jiggy with it. 

                                                                    As did your mother.

At the end of the night we were still dancing when everyone else was leaving. Still smiling. So totally in love. Unaware of the drunk couple making out behind us. 

I am still totally in love with you. There is no person on this Earth I would rather take this journey with. Happy Anniversary. I miss you.