Friday, July 24, 2009

You can called me spoiled if you want to, I don't mind

(I have been quite busy with three kids and selling and purchasing a house hence the infrequent blogging.)

I turned 30 on Monday. My husband took me and the baby to L.A. for a long weekend. I visited a friend from high school who now lives out there with her family. We had such a good time, picked up like no time had passed. Granted we are in very much the same place in our lives kids, husbands, staying at home but we have still have similar tastes and personalities. Her husband (whom I've never met before) was quite awesome as well. Plus the two husbands got along as did the babies which just makes things all the more easier.

But speaking of awesome, let's discuss my husband! He is truly a wonderful man. He has his moments like all of us to be sure, but last weekend he spoiled me like no other. He even hung out in the American Girl Doll store for a good hour. He held his tongue like a real man too and didn't fuss once. Let's just say that he spoiled me rotten last weekend.

We left the kids with their Texas Grandma (or rather flew her here) which they thought was a real treat because they don't get to see her as much as they would like. I left her with two wild children (one of whom had an ear infection) and two rather neurotic pets. She survived the weekend, the woman even cleaned out my refrigerator. You rock lady!

I had a check list of things that I wanted to do while in L.A. I have learned that if you really want to do certain things you need to take care of them yourself and let others know what you want. I am done trying to drop hints and be subtle, that only leads to resentment. People are not mind readers. When I say what I want and do things that make me happy the whole family is generally happier because mommy is not a crab. So anyway back to the checklist.

It went something like this:

1. Eat and In N Out (this place is the absolute best, we pulled right out of the Avis lot and into In N Out, I snarfed my burger down like a hog.)

2. Go to Disneyland (the husband got two passes for half price at a silent auction last spring. Being at Disneyland without the older two was a little bittersweet. I really missed them while I was there and wanted to show them everything. But big fat baby was rather happy at the undivided attention and this merely wet my appetite for a long Disney World family vacation I am saving my pennies for as we speak. We had a great time and went on a lot of roller coasters while baby swapping which the older kids would not have put up with well. I also wanted to eat at Blue Bayou which is Cajun food and a restaurant that I had eaten at as a kid while visiting Disneyland. It is in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Disneyland Paris has one as well that I ate at on my 20th birthday so I found it to be fitting, it was good, but a tad on the pricey side for lunch.)

3. Go to the beach (I haven't been to the Pacific in five years. It is much colder than the Atlantic and I always forget about the kelp but the waves are so much fun to play in so I didn't even notice the temperature. Playing in waves makes you feel like a kid such a great feeling, we brought along some Jack Johnson to listen too, it was a wonderful time and even had me contemplating a move to adventure for later in life I suppose.)

4. Eat lots of sushi (so up until this point what I call sushi eating other real sushi eaters laugh at. It involved California and Philly rolls and some ebi. That's it. However we went to Iroha Sushi in Studio City it is a small sushi restaurant near our friend's place it is behind a Asian ceramics and weaving store and has a great courtyard with lots of bamboo that we ate in. I came in saying I don't like tuna and came out saying that was the best stuff ever. I tried all kinds of crazy stuff, best of which was the Albacore Tataki. It is lightly seared tuna with guacamole and crispy onions sprinkled on top and has this amazing sauce on top. I was practically licking the plate. I tried Saki too, which I have never had before. Um, apparently Jennie likes Saki. At one point I declared that I needed a steak to eat but I am pretty sure it was the Saki talking. We had so much fun eating and laughing. I haven't had that much fun at dinner for a very long time. It helped that the kids were both back at our friends' house with a babysitter.

5. Go to American Girl Doll store to buy baby girl her birthday present. (This place is insane and some very smart people thought this concept up. However I will play into the marketing because they are not slutty like nasty Bratz dolls and are about girls through different historical time in America. They come with books as well that I am sure we will read together when she is a little older. Pictures to come when she opens her present.)

6. Eat a cupcake at Sprinkles. (I kept hearing about Sprinkles cupcakes and how heavenly they are so I thought what better to try then on my birthday. So we rolled up to Rodeo in the oh so swanky Dodge Avenger and stopped at Sprinkles. Sprinkles is actually on Little Santa Monica, but is a block down from Rodeo. I had the Key Lime cupcake, the husband had a chocolate something or other and my dear friend had the banana whose cake part is apparently banana bread. We all deemed it rather yummy while pricey at $3.25 a cupcake, perfect for a birthday. We brought some home for the kids.

So that was my checklist and I got to do each and everyone of them. The husband really outdid himself. I had such a great time. Our friends were so hospitable and made us such a yummy breakfast and took us to a place called Loteria for lunch. It is located at the Farmer's Market in the Grove shopping area. I love California Mexican, unlike the Tex Mex style they serve around here, California Mexican food is more like Central and Southern Mexican food. So tasty. I hope that we could repay them when they come to Colorado.

Here is the song my husband played for me on my birthday. Thanks love, you are wonderful and I had such a great weekend with you.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a GREAT birthday! And I really liked your plan :)- MH

leafandsap said...

Jennie, we had a blast with you guys! You were the ideal guests -- including Big Fat Baby, whose knees continue to amaze, and who never! made! a! peep!! Whatever you slipped into his organic bananas for such a performance, I WILL PAY FOR.

Come back anytime. We love you. And thanks a MILLION for the sushi feast, which will go down in history!! (Sorry about the saki, Joe!)