Friday, August 28, 2009

Its been so long I almost forgot my password

Back in June I went a little nuts, actually I think it was May but hey who's keeping track. Anyway after deciding that enough was enough and I was just merely bored and needed a project to keep my mind busy I though what better a project than selling a house. Mine in particular. So I brazenly asked the husband (or really announced) "Let's put the house on the market for X amount and see what happens." He said sure. So, I called in reinforcements and we staged the house. And it sold in two weeks, we were averaging 3-4 showings a day it certainly gave me a project. Try keeping a very small house with three tiny kids in it clean, and not just clean but show clean. We got asking price. I am pretty sure the staging did it. Staging is like Disney World, lots of distraction to keep you looking in the right direction and to keep all thoughts away from the actual square footage of the house. I found my dream home, got a slamming deal on it, moved in two weeks early and the Jennie household lived happily ever after.

Well we moved in anyway. I am in a much better mood that I usually am. I am attributing it to either:

A. The husband is slipping Vitamin P into my coffee every morning and I am none the wiser.
B. I am truly thankful for what I have and am simply exuding happiness.
C. I am a spoiled brat and having a larger house makes me giddy.

I wish I could say it was B, but I am pretty sure it is C. Awful huh? Either way, I absolutely love my new house and can't find a thing wrong with it. Plus it is situated right smack dab in Mayberry so there's that too.

My new Mayberry (or perhaps Stepford) house comes with a new Manny. As a wise woman once said, "your like the halfway house for divorced relatives." I have a new Manny. This manny has outside employment which is a real shame in the manny department but at least he's employed. I was joking that when I am done with him he'll be running marathons, in the Air Force and voting for Obama in 2012. I plan on piping NPR into his room to help with the brainwashing. Perhaps I have said too much...We love you new Manny. (and don't get all jealous old Manny we love you too.)


pappy said...

nice to see that you remembered your had been a long time.

The Usurped Manny said...

Curses, there is an imposter on the loose.

Anna said...

who was that wise ol' owl?

Anonymous said...

That is amazing that you sold your house in 2 weeks. Awesome...Yes, staging really does help and it's hard to keep it that way with kids and a dog. I remember how fun it was for us to do that with a newborn, 2 year old and dog. Ugh...but it all pays off in the end. So glad you found your dream home and are happy with it. Having space is nice :) - MH