Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hey I see someone looked at this blog in Nairobi, that's odd. (And may I suggest ways to help locally)

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The stat counter picture above makes me happy, technology is such a strange thing and just seems even more strange to me this week than ever before. I would have put the pretty stat counter map up on my page but am not so technically inclined to do so. I miss him. He had quite the day delivering care packages to an extremely impoverished area on the outskirts of Kenya. My mother in law raises chickens and my husband stated that his mom's chicken coop was nicer than what these people were living in. No electricity or bathrooms. Everyone was so incredibly grateful and wanted to pray and I really think you learn a lot about a person when you listen to their prayers. These people were praying for beds for their kids. I can't begin to even wrap my brain around that. The area they went to is called Spring Valley, nine years ago 418 children died from malnutrition, but now there are some very kind people making real differences in lives there, they have started a school, give medical treatment and food to these people.

We have poverty here in the US, not to this extent but we need to make a difference here too. Things that used to just disgust me on a moral level this week are pissing me off to new levels. I tend to get high blood pressure when I hear people go on about how certain members of our society deserve what they get, and of course we need to bail out those rich F#$ks on Wall Street because they make our economy so great, yadda yadda yadda and I could really go on a rant here but I won't. I will instead post two links that are in my community (and possibly in yours) that could need help and are doing great things:

Habitat for Humanity they also have a "Bridges out of Poverty Training" where you learn to mentor someone as they change their life and overcome poverty. I just finished the course and start mentoring in January, I can't wait.


The Manny said...

One of the things I try to do at least once a month is Star Riders. We put people with mental and physical disabilities on horses and walk them around while holding the child up. The ranch does this every Saturday at no charge to the children.

Cathy said...

those inhumane conditions are just heart wrenching to read about. thanks for the food banks link! :)

Kathleen said...

It's so true, i listened to a talk from a women working in a shelter last year saying the average age of a homeless person in Colorado is 10, TEN. IT flabbergasted me. we try to do as much as we can. We are so proud of your hubby.