Wednesday, December 16, 2009

But you said you were going to do the Christmas cards this year

I have a confession. I am one of those obnoxious people who love Christmas, Christmas movies, lights, big overblown Christmas mornings, I sing to all the horrible music, all of my family traditions are to be upheld every year. As in, stomp stomp, we WILL drink hot chocolate and put up the tree as a family and you WILL enjoy it and it WILL look like a Norman Rockwell painting or else. That being said, when people are randomly crabby this time of year I get blown out of proportion crabby. Like when people are nasty in line, not holding a door open for a mom with three kids climbing all over her but instead bumping into her and then rush out the door because they are very very busy and must get to the sale and buy the useless piece of plastic from our communist friends in China before they are all gone...and for the love of the good baby Jesus do not get me started on the post office. (Let's just say when I am presented with an opportunity to be a smart ass, I take full advantage of it.) I just want to yell (yes I know yelling is not really in the spirit of Christmas) and say "Damn it people, its Christmas, try and be nice for one bloody month, it won't kill you...remember a couple weeks ago when you sat around declaring how thankful you were for everything" but I don't because that would be rude.

There are a few things that I don't really love about Christmas, that being cookie exchanges because while I will eat your cookies no problem, I do not enjoy baking so I try not to participate in that barrel of fun.

The other being Christmas cards. Lord, the pressure of The Christmas Card drives me up the wall. Is the card too religious, is it too pc, is is too humorous, should I just send a picture card, write a Christmas letter...? I've had complaints about all of these types of cards. I used to write letters but got complaints about them because snarky and smart ass do not translate too well into Christmas letters. My favorite was when I bought a bunch of Hanna Andersen jammies and dressed up the family (dog included) took a picture and mailed it out. But while the husband and I still have the pajamas the kids have out grown theirs and a whole other person is around now and Hanna Andersen is a tad on the pricey I don't see that happening again. We'll see if the very generic card even gets out this year since the husband sent me a "list of people to send cards to if you happen to find the time in between all the bon bon eating and blogging for people HE works with." You know I can be childish when demands are placed upon me to do things I loathe...

Then what do you do with them after Christmas? Do you throw them out, save the pictures, the letters, what do you do with them? I have never quite figured it out. Mr. Pack Rat Husband would love to start a box labeled Christmas cards 2009 do not throw out ever or the IRS will come after you. I however keep most around until February shoved somewhere inconspicuous and then out they go. Sorry people, shows like Hoarders give me anxiety just watching them. My mom has a Christmas card basket that she saves all the cards in...its ready to burst although she hasn't sent out cards since 2004 so I'm not sure how many she actually receives anymore. Any ideas anyone??

Oh and can someone please tell me how to keep my tree and poinsetta alive...and yes I am watering them! And if my special little 12 days of Christmas elf reads my blog: thank you this is keeping me quite amused.


Kathleen said...

as far as the tree is concerned apparently drill a hole in the bottom which will help it to absorb the water faster? not sure if it works but hey got to be worth a try.

Love the bit in italics that should so be your FB status!

EatPlayLove said...

I cut out the photos and keep them on a little bulletin board for the girls, they like to hold them and see their friends and family.