Thursday, January 28, 2010

I just couldn't help myself, Jennie agrees with Focus on the Family. Sort of.

I can't believe I am posting about this, but here is yet another football post. And political rant. Or just a rant, which is more my style. This hullabaloo over the Tim Tebow ad has gotten on my last nerve. And here is why:

I am not a fan of Focus on the Family at all, however, I think that all sides should be allowed to voice their opinions. I see this ad as more of a "This woman had a CHOICE ad, not a down with abortion ad." Perhaps that is not what Focus had in mind, but if you think about it she was told by doctors to abort and she CHOSE not too. She had a CHOICE. She was not forced to abort as some nations would have required her, she was not forced to continue her pregnancy irregardless of her medical status. She was allowed to come to her own medical decision as a grown woman. Was it a stupid decision? Should she have aborted? I think we can all see that her son is rather exceptional. But whether or not he turned out as pedophile in jail or as a Heisman trophy winner she was allowed to CHOOSE for herself what was to going to medically happen to her body. I think that takes a very strong person to stand up to medical "experts" and say thanks for your opinion, but this is my body. I really don't think a government has any business in that decision, at all. I think that women's organizations (who I normally agree with) NEED to take that argument into account.

I am quite irritated at this idea that the Super Bowl is somehow sacred and that political and moral ideas/discussions should not be allowed. It is a FOOTBALL game people. I, for one, am more offended by the fact that beer and cleavage are the norm. That somehow allowing my children to watch stupid drunk guys picking up on scantily clad moronic acting women is way more appropriate. Or that smart assed talking animals are a much better water cooler topic. (The whole Janet Jackson nipple obnoxiousness was hilarious! People getting upset about a nipple, but half naked women pretty much performing a strip tease during commercials is WAAAY better. HA!) I doubt I will watch the game. Commercials have little appeal to me as it is, the mere thought that 30 seconds of air time costing $3 million disgusts me. Because that is a good way to spend money. Snort. (Um, hello starving people everywhere. But wait, we aren't supposed to feed them, are we Mr. Jackass from South Carolina?!?!) Seriously that is all this nation needs is more adolescent behavior regarding Bud Light; and ladies, I would actually like to hear your thoughts versus seeing your cleavage. But wait, there is a woman who made a decision using her brain (whether or not you agree with who funded it) and the outcome that it had on her family and well, American college football, and yes this woman with a brain that will be featured during the Super Bowl. Perhaps I will watch, if only to support that commercial.


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