Thursday, March 18, 2010

My husband was hit on his bike and Tony at ESPN radio thinks that's awesome.

I'm on twitter. I have been for over a year. I mainly follow news, a few friends, and naturally Lance Armstrong. I may tweet something every now and again. While doing my daily once over I noticed a kerfuffle regarding an ESPN radio show and Lance. There was a youtube link, so I watched.
Now you can watch:

This hit a nerve with me, a very raw nerve.

What started out as any other day turned into one that still gives me a knot in my stomach. The husband left for work early because he had to be there at 7 am. I was up getting ready. It was October in Las Vegas. It was still hot by normal people's standards. It was bright and sunny out. The phone rang. We didn't have cell phones at the time. It was the husband.


"Mr. Man you sound strange, what is going on?"

He started talking really fast. He was hit, the bike was totaled, there was an ambulance, people all around, a borrowed cell phone, and a lady cop. He sounded pretty nuts, obviously it was his adrenaline talking. I basically hung up the phone and drove like a bat out of hell. When I got there I saw my husband with his cycling jersey shredded. The bike was a mangled mess. The palm pilot (it was the days of the palm pilot) was smashed, it had been in his backpack. What was not there was the guy who hit him. It was a semi. Vegas had a lot of construction going on then and it was one of the double trailer belly dump construction semis that hit him. We saw those trucks everywhere, the drove on all the roads very fast. They carried dirt and construction waste. We are not sure to this day if the guy even saw the husband.

Mr. Man broke his collar bone. He needed surgery. The muscles in that shoulder have atrophied. When he was hit, he was riding on the right side of the road and the bike went under the semi while he flew up in the air and landed by a gas station. Other way around, three kids would not be here today. That is why when people talk about PURPOSELY hitting cyclists I go insane!

Tony Kornheiser's rant on March 11th was obnoxious to say the least. He stated such things as "its all you can do not to RUN THEM OVER "just give them a tap" "get the hell out of my way." He is mad about lanes in DC turning into bike lanes, which obviously is a good reason to hit someone with your car. They (there is another man and a woman in the discussion as well) were going on about them being granola, the outfits cyclists wear, basically trash talking cyclist to somehow justify this deranged thinking. My favorite quote, "I have a large powerful car, compared to your stupid little bicycle!"

What gets me is that these people on this radio program are saying oh yeah we are all for sharing the road, when obviously their comments prove otherwise. How hard is it to be patient and drive AROUND a cyclist? Are you an ambulance driver? Is your wife in labor in the back seat? No, then relax for 25 seconds and then pass. Now, I am not saying that all cyclists are saints. Some are really nasty, but when you are driving something that is pretty damn heavy and a "tap" could kill a person you need to use your brain instead of listening to morons like Tony and RUN THEM OVER. If you saw another driver being an ass, you would honk, maybe. Why? Because they are in a car and car to car equals bad. Car to bike equals equals major injury or death for the cyclist and nothing for the driver. It is THAT mentality, that because you are BIGGER (i.e. a bully) that you deserve the road more than the cyclist, makes me so incredibly pissed. Sidewalks were suggested on the show as an alternative. Sidewalks are not always an option, a lot of places do not allow cyclist on them, and a lot of places simply don't have sidewalks, while a road is made for traffic with wheels.

So Tony, your obnoxious rant has ramifications. You are advocating hurting another individual, purposely, simply because you are driving in your car and they are on a bike. My husband was not going to his job at the local granola factory that October as you all would like to believe, but to Nellis AFB. That's right, the dude you are calling a poseur, who has ridden 210 miles in one day, was a solider that October morning 2001. I bet you had your big old American flag sticker on your car that morning. He was riding in because security was so tight it took almost three hours to get on base with a car. So you see, Mr. Cornholio (yes that is from Beavis and Butthead) these are REAL people, with real families, and real lives. It is NEVER ok to joke about hitting them, or anyone with your car on the radio. Maybe you should listen to Frank Deford, he makes his opinions about sports known in a much more intelligent manner. As an FYI NFL players wear spandex pants, the same "glistening" material as those cyclist you are berating. I might add, that my husband still rides to work. Twenty seven miles one way. On days that he doesn't, he takes mass transportation.

Here are some pictures of the bike. It resides in the attic, we have moved twice since and can't get rid of it. There is another picture as well of Mr. Man's jacked up shoulder.

the scar looks pretty, obviously the bone is still pretty nasty.

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Tabitha said...

What an absolute jackass! Screw the rocks... this guy totally deserves a punch in the face. I guess the unhealthy lazy slobs of the world need to make fun of cyclists to make themselves feel better about being unhealthy lazy slobs. I've had my own run in with a car while cycling (in a bike lane I might add) and while not quite as scary as Joe's it could have ended very badly if the car behind us 3 riders hadn't been paying attention when some idiot cut us off. She drove up along side us, passed us and then made a right turn directly in front of us. The front rider slammed into the side of her car and when I braked to avoid the same thing, the rider behind me slammed in to me. It all happened extremely fast and when you're in a pace line your wheels are literally inches apart. Lynn & I went down in mid Saturday traffic & thankfully the teenage girl behind us was paying attention & managed to not run us over. When the police arrived the woman couldn't understand why it was her fault. She actually said, "But they're on bikes" like that makes it ok for her to cut us off or like we didn't belong on the road at all. Unfortunately too many people in their "big powerful vehicles" just have no idea how to react to cyclists on the road. They can't understand how we can possibly share their rules. People need to be educated. Ok, I realize that now I am ranting, but this really managed to piss me off, too. I'm all for freedom of speech, but not when you are threatening the life of others. I don't find that even slightly funny.