Sunday, March 28, 2010

We had ourselves a staycation

A few months ago the husband stated that he was going to take off work while the boy and baby girl were on spring break. Since both of us left the country (separately) this year we knew that this week was not going to be spent at some posh beach resort, but most likely laying around the house. Then Grandma called. The husband lives in fear of when my mother calls. They are rather similar individuals and can both convince me to do things a tad too easily. Grandma convinced me that a weekend skiing was in order. So I let the husband know that we would be skiing, he pouted until he realized it involved skiing. S0 we piled up the ridiculous amount of luggage required to take a family of five to a nice mountain cabin and skiing, let's just saying I was discussing the idea of purchasing a Suburban on the way up. (We had a Yakima but it met a untimely death.)

A few days before the departure we decided to ask Grandma if we could, perhaps, borrow the very nice cabin for a few extra days post skiing since the oh so darling grandchildren were on spring break and all. It felt like asking if I could please oh please stay home by myself while the parents were on vacation, I promise not to have any boys over, drink beer, and I will clean up after myself, please please please. Not unlike the time when I was in high school and Grandma (then just Mom) went to Chicago leaving her precious children home alone. There was a party, bathroom door off the hinges, flower pots broken, smoking in the house (yikes!) and I may or may not have driven backwards across the front lawn and hit the neighbor's car while driving a friend's car without a license. oops. I wasn't even drinking, that was the truly sad part, I was so nervous about the house getting even more messed up that I couldn't even drink my illegal underage beer. We won't discuss my husband's high school antics they are so much worse than mine they involve plants that grow beer and professional cleaning crews. Anyhoo...Grandma actually let the family of five have the cabin.

It was a glorious day on the mountain. Warm, sunny, not at all windy. The boy skied with us all day, and even skied a blue/black run. We were all quite amazed. Plus the child is like the Energizer bunny and would not stop for anything. Baby girl went to her first lesson. She was supposed to only go out for one hour but because her mama bear bitched about the ridiculous price they were charging for an hour worth of lesson with the rest of her "lesson" being glorified child care she got two hours of private instructions. Generally I am not that mom, but lately I am getting fed up by people half assing things. Sometimes it pays to complain. After her lessons were finished we all skied a run together, and let me tell you baby girl is a natural. She has a lot of balance and no fear perfect for skiing.

The next couple days were spent sledding and relaxing at the cabin. It is so nice being up the mountains. The Jenniehousehold likes to camp, but at 10,000 feet with three small kids a cabin fits us a bit better. The boy thought we should just camp on the snow, but since we only have three season gear he had to deal with a heated cabin. The poor child. Sitting out on the deck with the kids, husband, perhaps an adult beverage, and the sun was so relaxing and wonderful. The staycation was quite nice indeed, even though it was cut short. Baby girl began to get raspy sounding. She has such a horrible time with croup that we carry steroids with us and at that altitude I don't play around so we headed home. It turned out to be a snotty nose and pink eye the next day. (um, ew)

The rest of the week has involved either us acting like complete sloths or training crazily for the triathlons this summer. More on that fun to come.

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Kathleen said...

glad you had a good trip, we too are staying home lots of playdates to keep the kiddo's happy. wish we'd had our breaks at the same time, but that's the way it goes. keep the training up!