Sunday, July 25, 2010

Runner girl

I have to move around, every day, preferably outside. I don't just mean go sit on the back porch and watch the kids play, I mean run a few miles or something. I trained for a triathlon this year. I liked it so much that I decided to sign up for another. I have noticed some things about me and my marriage when I am active. For starters I am less bitchy. My children are the same way, not that you call children's behavior bitchy ever, but they are little smart a**es who throw massive fits and then chew the legs off the furniture when they don't get enough exercise. I am sort of the same way. So is Mr. Man for that matter. I have also noticed that Mr. Man and I get along a lot better when we exercise, especially if we are both training for something. We are each other's cheerleader/drill sargeant. We are more focused and actually work more as a team instead of just resenting each other's "me" time.

I have never had weight issues, I don't emotionally eat and rarely eat to entertain myself when I get bored so I am not sure what that is like. I do know that a lot of women have that problem and so when they start working out they expect to see results and don't right away then get discouraged and eat. (I have had three conversations about that this week with about five different people...odd.) Anyway, I do, however, have a tendency to stress out and become quite anxious to where my mind gets all clouded and thoughts race. Exercise is my anti anxiety drug. When I run, I usually run on the same trail, it is very hilly and looks out over a valley to the mountains. It is beautiful. I have to say, I am spoiled when it comes to the scenery around here. I listen to the same music selection, which is different for outside running then when working out in the gym. (Outside music is more mellow and inspiring, inside sounds like a Eurotrash club, to each their own). My usual run: I cross the street, get on a wide dirt/gravelish trail and run straight downhill and the view is always spectacular. It always takes my breath away. Within three minutes my head clears and the stress of all the sick, traveling husband, and just day to day life with three small kids just comes into perspective.

I like to run about four miles anything less and I don't feel like I got too much done mentally, anything more and I had better cycle the next day because my hip will hurt. (Cycling is very good for hips according to my ortho doc.) I like to run at sunrise or sunset. Sunrise smells different than sunset, more like wet grass. It's a little more damp, the mountains are clearer, I run faster. Sunset is beautiful and smells like campfire, but there is usually a haze, and my legs are more tired so what is usually a 9 minute mile becomes a 9:30 minute mile. That is, unless, I am out later than usual and the bats are looking for bugs, then I run about a 8:45 mile. Not a fan of flying rodents near my head.

I love to swim and ride my bike and will post about them, but something about running can clear my head like nothing else, not overeating, not a big margarita, not a good book.
I ran track my senior year in high school, but I did the 100m hurdles not distance. It wasn't until the boy was born that I started running. I was so very slow. (Not that I am fast now, but that is a goal for this winter...interval training to pick up speed, easily done on a treadmill.) Plus when you first start to run it hurts. Bad. Its was hard to breathe, my legs hurt, my pelvis hurt, but I just kept running.

My times swimming and on the bike are so much better than my run times when I did my triathlon and during all this training. My body says it would prefer to do other things, but my mind says that I am a runner. So I run.

Here are two pictures from my run last night. I take pictures during my runs quite a lot, thats that thing about a run, its all yours you can do what you want.

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Anonymous said...

That is great that you are not an emotional eater. I know I've had problems with that. Yes, I love running too. It definitely clears the mind. I look at it as running away from my problems and running to my goals. Good for you!! You are an inspiration to many. - Melissa