Sunday, September 19, 2010

168 Hours Day 6

7- 8am get up to the noise of Ham fussing in crib, go into Ham's room and realize that he has pooped, stuck his hand in the poop and then decorated his crib, sheets, bumpers, and gave himself a full body poopmask. The husband throws Ham in the bath while I clean the crib and throw linens into laundry. get kids dressed. put on workout clothes. leave the house

8-9 am realize that it is really quite chilly outside. do something we never do....took kids to McDonald's for breakfast. They flipped out. "Are we going on vacation?...we only do this with grandma and grandpa!...are we going to Montana?...this one time at band camp..."

915-1015 drop kids off at child center at gym. run into pediatrician. go to spin class tried to figure out where teacher was from, said she liked rugby husband guessed South Africa and was right.

1015-1115 worked out on weights because the Triathlete's Bible says that you can get faster by incorporating weight training into workouts so I have been. Did lots of ab work and screamed like a girl during one need to worry just breaking down c-section scarring.

1145-1230 ate lunch at home

1230-1 put Ham down, took shower

1-2 played with the boy and baby girl, chatted with husband, got ready to go to Broomfield days, woke Ham up.

2-430 took the kids to Broomfield Days, looked at all the vendors, bought tickets so the kids could go on rides, bought and ate a funnel cake.

430-630 made Mexican chicken soup for dinner while the husband made blue corn muffins, we all watched Wall-E, ate dinner

630-730 husband gave other two kids a bath while I cleaned up dinner. Put them to bed.

730-930 All the South African talk from earlier got us wanting to watch Invictus (mmm Mr. Damon) so we watched it on OnDemand. Very good movie. Go see it.

930-10 after movie is over start flipping and notice Band of Brothers is on Spike start watching that since it is one of my favorites. Keep trying to figure out who Capt Winters reminds me of...

1000 notice that the husband is snoring, turn off t.v. and head to bed. Dream about living in South Carolina for the second night in a row. So weird.

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