Friday, September 17, 2010

168 Hours Day Five

8 am - three kids join me in bed. Everyone slept in. Beautiful

8-9am - breakfast of champions...cheerios (honey nut just to mix things up a bit).

9-1115 CLEAN THE HOUSE!! Friday is my usual cleaning day. The kids watched cartoons for the first hour. Then they played: hunter, explorer, drew pictures, played with toys. While I: cleaned kitchen (wipe down cabinets, countertops, appliances, microwave, throw out nasty food) dusted main floor, cleaned main floor bathroom. wiped down walls and doors. Naturally the boy's sheets needed to be washed along with baby girl's and the boy's regular attire. Played a pathetic game of Qrank on my phone.

1115-12 Lunch (salad and pumpkin bisque soup for me and the boy, marmalade sandwiches with fruit for the picky ones). Made two doctor's appointments one for Ham and one for the boy.

12-130 clean bathrooms upstairs, dust upstairs, strip sheets off baby girl's bed and mine. Made kids pick up toys while helping.

130 put Ham down for nap.

130-3 picked up dog poop and mowed the grass. The boy and girl helped by riding bikes in driveway and building a fort in the garage with an umbrella. Cut down some of the sunflowers. Trimmed the edges of grass in front yard with clippers BECAUSE THE STUPID WEED EATER IS STILL BROKEN. AHEM!!!!

3-4 made pizza dough crust and finally took a shower. the boy and baby girl watched Phineas and Ferb.

4-5 dusted and cleaned downstairs. vacuumed downstairs. Vacuumed main floor. Get Ham out of crib. Kids watched something else...Suite Life on Deck maybe?

5-6 rolled out pizza, cooked pizza, ate pizza, cleaned up pizza.

6-630 vacuumed upstairs. Mopped kitchen and entry way floors.

630-715 took kids to store to buy neat little items that one wears to bed so if they were to pee their mommy would not have to wash the sheets. (Usually we have these in stock, but I was lazy and didn't get more at the beginning of the week.) Also bought cat litter.

715-815 received call that husband had landed, instructed husband to drive to liquor store before arriving home. put away items from store. got kids into jammies, brushed teeth, talked to my mom, attempted to give ham his meds which he flung on the cat. Cats don't like pudding with medicine on their fur. Held him down in order to give him the inhaler. Once again toddlers and inhalers...not so much.

815-this thing. I still have three loads of laundry to fold, and a cat box to change. Not sure if those will happen tonight. Husband better arrive soon with happy hour.

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Kathleen said...

we need a night out soon!