Thursday, September 16, 2010

168 Hours Day Four

530am - Ham wakes up and will not go back to sleep

6-630am - Make coffee, blueberry pancakes

630-7 am eat breakfast and clean up

7-8am - pack lunches and get ready to go to the zoo. that's right the zoo because the boy has five days off in a row. back in my day we went to school seven days a week...

8- 9am - shower, get kids dressed, make beds, and you know the drill put Mr. I like to wet the bed's sheets in the wash. Look at FB on phone and get into a political discussion with a family member. always fun in my book.

9-930 go to gas station to air up slow leaking tire.

930-10 drive to zoo

10-2pm hang out at the zoo. Eat packed lunches, look at all the animals and new construction, Highlights: a really pissed off monkey, bored elephants, aggressive penguins, cute baby tigers, happy seals, and some freaky looking vultures. baby girl pushed hello kitty around in a stroller the whole time.

2-230pm drive to Happy Cakes, take scenic route through old neighborhoods and downtown, pass by convention center getting ready for gigantic onslaught of beer ingesting individuals (Hi Dave!) wave at the blue bear, snicker at Diamond Cabaret, enter (another) old yet recently trendy neighborhood, stop at cupcake shop.

230-3 Order: two beer and brat cupcakes (so yummy) one for me and one for Mr. Man, one marble with chocolate frosting (the boy), one vanilla with vanilla frosting with cherry on top (baby girl), and one vanilla with vanilla with sprinkles (ham). Take quick picture to upload to FB. (FB loves to talk about food and see pictures of food and talk about food some more) Inhale mine, watch boy slowly eat his, watch Ham lick the frosting off of his and finally about pass out from the sight that baby girl took one bite and has stopped eating. her cupcake. the only thing she ever really eats is carbs with a side of sugar. Ask her what's wrong. Her mouth hurts. That needle scratching the record noise stops all thoughts in my head....she has that stinkin or shall I say mothereffin virus. Look inside her mouth to see lots of sores. The boy states his tongue hurts too so naturally I look in to find spots. Not as bad as baby girl's but still there. Quickly look at hands and feet...sure enough spots. So this is a relatively mild virus only lasting a couple days at most but I guess pretty painful because baby girl not eating a cupcake is pretty severe. Must be fast moving too since breakfast and lunch were eaten without a complaint and actually eaten well. Nicely timed too I might add since the boy is off...FOR FIVE DAYS IN A ROW.

3-30 drive home going through every school zone in the state of Colorado, noting that those schools are in session.

330-430 get kids out of car, get mail, unwind, putz around, change diaper, put Ham's clean clothes away and such

430 start noodles since I am not sure what else they will eat.

5-530- eat dinner. Kids: mac n cheese plus a little left over chicken some strawberries and blueberries they swore only hurt a little. I had chicken, salad, and fruit. Pretty much same as yesterday. Minus the bread since I ate the cupcake.

530-6 clean up kitchen and feed the very old not acting well at all dog.

6-7 bath time, which is not fun. very wet, wet kids kind of smell like wet dog, clean up Ham's pee that he decorated the carpet with, got kids in jammies, brush teeth realized sheets aren't done for the boy. Put Ham down (who got up at 530 and only slept in the car today.) make pudding only so I can sprinkle one of Ham's meds in it and feed it to him. Then everyone wants pudding...including me. We all we pudding and then I chase Ham around to give him the inhaler. (Not sure an inhaler and a one year old work well together.)

7-730 read some book the boy drug home about a pokemon battle and then pinkie pie's tea party. high quality literature. (Don't worry I read them A Midsummer Night's Dream last week) Made boy sleep on top bunk that has sheets.

730-8 Facebook and this thing. For the rest of the evening I envision washing and folding laundry, talking to the husband, and watching television. Should get on the bike, but won't. Then I will almost fall asleep on couch only to be awoken by really dry contacts and then haul myself off to bed.

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Kathleen said...

had i known you were at the zoo we'd have joined you. i am sure Dave will appreciate the shout!