Monday, September 13, 2010

168 Hours Day One

I've decided to take this 168 Challenge because I feel like a lot of time with my family is slipping away and I actually want to write it all down just to see what it is that I do all week and then perhaps change things up or maybe just leave them alone. We shall see. Either way my days in a nut shell.

6 am - iphone alarm goes off press snooze

6:09 - same thing

6:18 - figure its now or never so I get up take shower. Actually have to wear make up and do hair this morning because I have a meeting

6:45 take fussing Ham out of crib and take him downstairs. Baby girl and the boy are already awake and watching crappy television

7 make breakfast -cheerios with bananas - all three throw a fit about the horribleness of what I am forcing them to eat. Pour myself a 2nd cup of coffee

7:30 clean up kitchen/make lunch/get back packs ready

8- realize the boy wet the bed, put sheets in laundry/ make other beds/ get Ham and baby girl dressed

8:15 decide that calling Children's Hospital and my insurance sounds like a great idea- become quite annoyed

8:40 - realize the boy is going to be late for school toss everyone in the car

8:47 drop off the boy two minutes late. bad mommy.

8:55 arrive at preschool drop off baby girl ten minutes late and take ham to child sitting because I have preschool board meeting

9-11:15 listen to all things preschool. Sign up for for even more volunteer tasks -newsletter and secretary

11:15 pick up baby girl and ham, chat with teachers other parents

11:45 make lunch - mac n cheese as requested by baby girl, decide that I need chocolate and eat a nutella and peanut butter sandwich.

12 clean up kitchen/ switch over sheets

12:30 take Ham upstairs for nap

12:45 check email/facebook/twitter baby girl watches t.v.

1:20 put away two baskets of laundry

1:40 decide that was enough t.v. time for baby girl. Read books together, start to take out magnetic paperdolls and Ham wakes up

1:45 realize that Ham is sick. Spots, poops, fever. Remember foot and mouth was going around gym and that we have a pulm. appt. tomorrow so no need to call doctor. Give Ham tylenol and feel really crappy that we most likely infected a whole lot of kids over the past few days. Then feel selfish that I can't go to the gym and am single parenting.

2-3 take kids down to playroom and play with trains/little people/books/pretend kitchen make gigantic mess and leave it

3 pack up swim stuff get ready to get the boy.

3:23 pick up boy and head to swim lessons

4 swim lessons for the boy and baby girl. Ham is happily lounging in his stroller with a bar and a sippy cup of water on the very far side of the pool as to not further contaminate. I had planned on swimming laps but can't due to Ham's virus. So I sit with Ham and realize the kids are doing really well at swimming.

4:30-5 shove everyone into shower to hose off and get dressed to go home

5-530 play outside.

5:30 time to make dinner. Today was declared carb day because we ate spaghetti, well the boy and I ate spaghetti, Ham and baby girl did their usual picking.

6 eat dinner

6:30-7 cleaned up dinner dishes, fed dog, vacuumed, had the boy work on homework

7-730 colored with the kids. Baby girl's became a "book" and the boy declared his were so beautiful he was taking them to school. I made a rainbow and mountains. Ham dumped all the crayons out and scribbled on table and everyone else's "art."

7:30 got kids ready for bed. Put Ham down.

7:45 Baby girl wanted to read her "book" she just made. It was about a boy named Marcus who was allergic to peanuts and shrimp but went to the mountains and saw a bear. The End. The boy read half of Green Eggs and Ham and started to work on his reading log.

8:15 put sheets back on boy's bed and then put the boy and baby girl to bed.

8:30 read about this challenge and said, eh, why not.

9:04 going to hit publish and go to bed early. (I NEED to get the bike on the trainer tomorrow since I can't go to the gym.)

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hope ham is ok!