Sunday, September 19, 2010

168 Hours Day Seven

430 Hear Ham up and fussing. The husband and I simultaneously pretending to be asleep and not here him.

500 Husband breaks down and brings him in bed with us. Obviously he is done sleeping and is raring to go, climbs off of bed marches down the hall to wake up other kids. We get up to go make coffee, other kids get up not at all upset by the early hour.

5-6 go downstairs make coffee, eat cereal, sit around and chat.

6-7 kids watch some t.v., while husband and I drink even more coffee. clean up dishes, put dishes away.

7-815 get ready for church. Have more coffee.

830-930 church

945-1045 talk to middle schoolers about praying. Attention kiddos: God is not a genie. Middle schoolers are interesting, they are either on or off, no in between. They seem smart and say smart things one minute and then act and say things like my six year old the next. Oh I can't wait....

11-12 drive home and Ham falls asleep on the two minute ride home. Gee I wonder why. Put him to bed. The rest of us go in and snack, the kids demand sandwiches.

12-2 we all go down stairs and the kids play. Drink even more coffee. I write an email. The kids play some more in the Lego room.

2-230 kids go watch more Suite Life on Deck...not sure what the attraction to that show is. The husband and I discover that google maps has been revamped to make the city street view AMAZING. Look at different cities around the world. Hoping that Luxembourg was updated but it wasn't.

230-300 Ham gets up. We all go upstairs. I make Ham a sandwich. not a ham sandwich though.
3-5 decide that it is time to make an early Sunday dinner because the husband is leaving again. Husband pretty much makes the whole meal while I play outside with the kids. Baby girl and I paint each other's toes, yes my toes were painted by a four year old and they look like it.

5-530 Eat the very yummy dinner.

530-6 Husband goes to pack while I clean up. *Somehow* baby girl manages to do a belly flop on the tile entry way.

6-730 Husband leaves while the kids and I watch Honey I Shrunk the Kids and I chase down Ham with the meds. all and pretty much all over the house the while continually staring at baby girl and asking her if she is ok from the belly flop.

730-8 give kids a bath read, one short book, put them to bed.

8-9 go play on the computer and write this. Hope to go to bed soon. I have a fun filled day of the boy being home again, a reading assessment, and his wart removals all before 10.

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Kathleen said...

we missed Broomfield days due to the Vomit... So wishing i had been there i love funnel cake