Wednesday, September 15, 2010

168 Hours Day Three

I have fixed the link from day one so you can see where I got this marvelous idea.
I went to bed last night listening to coyotes...not sure where this fit
s in, but thought I would share.

7:30 am - oh shit, throw on running clothes, get Ham out of crib who decided to occupy himself while waiting by unmaking his bed, note that he seems to be in a much better mood.

7:45am - make breakfast: waffles for kids, more cheerios for me, have boy finish reading log to turn in.

8am-8:39 make lunch, send kids upstairs to get dressed. Hear lots of yelling about people not able to brush teeth next to one another. Head upstairs to put the smack down. Tooth paste everywhere and no one is dressed. Get kids dressed. Remind the boy that to today is gym day and he needs to wear tennis shoes, find matching socks. Realize we are going to be late again start threatening kids. kids start crying and then promptly calm down and start dancing in the car when they hear Rodrigo y Gabriela. Ah Spanish guitar....

8:45- the boy does a exit from the car that the mob would be proud of...

8:55 - drop baby girl off at preschool

9-915 go home and search for sunglasses.

9:15-1015 run with Ham in the jog stroller, go over nasty email I would love to write to some nasty person in my head and then follow it up by a very encouraging email that I would send someone else. trying to stay balanced you see...

10:30-11 - get dressed, put Ham's clothes in the dryer and for the third bloody day wash the boy's sheets...must buy some pull ups for at night!

1115 pick up baby girl

1130-1pm make lunch. convince baby girl that she will not die if she eats a turkey and cheese sandwich. make chocolate muffins while threatening baby girl with no muffins if she doesn't eat her sandwich. She eats her sandwich and miraculously lives to tell about it. We all eat the muffins. Vacuum up muffin crumbs (who the hell installs carpet in the main eating area!?!) and realize one crumb has smashed in already...use the amazing carpet cleaner Folex to get it out...have you tried this stuff, amazing!!! Clean up breakfast, lunch, and muffin dishes. Drink a cup of coffee that I will regret at 11 tonight.

1pm - put Ham down for a nap

1pm-1:45 - park baby girl in front of the electronic babysitter. organize office for bill paying. Start paying bills. Remove cat from bills. Answers some texts. Talk to a friend. Remove cat again. Keep paying bills, go over budget. Convince myself that mindless spending is bad and that goals are good. Hello Paris? Are you there? Its me, Jennie (oh and the husband too).

2-230 - mindless memes on facebook. oh so fun and yet so stupid.

2:30-300 Dr. Google (bad idea) get baby girl away from the t.v. wake up Ham get ready to pick up the boy.

3:23- 5 pm pick up the boy and go to Costco. Shop for food. Let the kids sample every little thing that is out. Spend an unGodly amount and shove all the large packaged items into Princess.

5:30-6 put away all the large boxed items

6-630 - eat dinner (Rotisserie chicken from Costco, salad, blueberries, fig, salad, piece of french bread) clean up from dinner. Have a discussion with baby girl as to why we eat chickens. She has declared it something that we should just not do because it is way too mean to animals. Note that she hasn't eaten any chicken and the boy is practically sucking out the marrow from the bones. Hard to tell what Ham is doing. Messy.

630-715 - outside playtime. This involves riding bikes, throwing rocks, playing on slide, digging in garden (we now have a watermelon the size of a're a month too late watermelon).

715-745 - get kids ready for bed, give Ham his meds (oh if it were simple enough to just give him a spoonful of liquid) brush teeth, put sheets back on the boy's bed.

7:45-8:30 - watch t.v. while doing sit ups, lunges, push ups. fold Ham's laundry

8:30-9:15 - talk to husband, check Facebook, this blog post.

9:30 hope to be asleep. Crap forgot to feed the dog. Go feed the dog.

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