Wednesday, September 15, 2010

168 Hours Day Two

3 am - Convince the boy that reading at 3 am is not a good choice

5 am -alarm goes off, reset for 6 am

6 am - hit snooze

6:30am - get up, shower, do make up but not hair

7am - breakfast toast and cream cheese for the kids and more cheerios for me.

7:30am- clean up. Get the boy to do his reading homework, a worksheet, and his reading log, make his lunch

8:15am get kids dressed, make beds, realize the boy wet the bed. again. the hell? strip sheets put them in washer. Brush teeth, hair. realize someone didn't flush the toilet and the dog went snorkeling.

8:30am get kids into car for school

8:43am drop off the boy

9am - drop off books at library

9:15-1040am come home, do dishes, change over laundry, listen to Ham continually fuss because he feels like crap, fix hair, get distracted by lobster gram, baby girl is having t.v. time, take Ham to playroom where he latches on to a crayon box and won't let go for anything. Try to placate fussing child with snacks and tylenol. switch over sheets and put Ham's clothes in washer.

10:40-11am a friend arrives with a gift card! Chat with friend, while not letting her into the germ house.

11am get kids in car and drive to Children's clinic for Ham's pulm. appt.

11:30am-1pm doctor's office. Another chest xray (I have sat in on 8 xrays this year. Hope that vest works). Xray came back not so great, more tests ordered, more meds prescribed. More appts to make with more specialists. But he is still gaining weight and eating so I'm thrilled.

1:30pm eat lunch with kids at home. Baguette with jelly, white cheddar cheese slices, and milk.
Get distracted by Ethan Allen catalog, start folding corners of pages with stuff that I want.

2 - 3pm Go to regular pediatricians office to check out spots that are now all over Ham's body. Doc is pretty sure it is hand foot and mouth just more all over the body and not too many spots in his mouth.

3:23pm pick up the boy from school

3:30-4pm drop of prescriptions for Ham's new meds. and get gas in the car.

4pm go home and make kids brush teeth. check facebook. receive call from dentist stating we are late for our appointment. Tell receptionist that I have the happy little card filled out stating 4:30 not 4. Throw kids in car and head to dentist. Now told they somehow had a "computer issue" and the kids can have their teeth cleaned at 4:30.

4:30-4:35pm the kids get their teeth cleaned are are deemed cavity free. Seriously it took only about five minutes. It was a glorified tooth brushing. Good to know they will be charging out over $100 to the insurance for that fun.

4:45-5:45pm decide that it may just be time to eat dinner, take kids to New Mexican food restaurant. The boy and I eat, the other two pick at their food like always. Baby girl discovers the honey and proceeds to dump it all over her dinner. then her shirt. then somehow her hair. I figure she can be the only preschooler with dreadlocks at school and decide to play Qrank on my phone.

6-6:45pm put Ham and baby girl into the bathtub. get pajamas on everyone and put Ham down. the poor kid didn't nap at all today. Put sheets back on the boy's bed.

6:45-7:30pm The boy finishes reading Green Eggs and Ham and then I read some book he drug home from school about the Bermuda Triangle. He falls asleep while I read it and then wakes up when I am finished and throws a fit. Send the boy off to bed. Put baby girl to bed.

7:30-8:30pm Not really sure, hooked bike up to trainer, changed clothes, looked at Facebook, Twitter, and googled Colorado air quality since I keep waking up smelling campfire. Talked to my Dad.

8:30-9:30pm Rode bike while watching Colbert Report and switching between O'Reilly and Maddow. That was fun and it wasn't baseball.

9:30-10pm talked to the husband

10-1045pm FB and this little drivel.

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Anonymous said...

I love this idea you're doing. I clicked on the link to see where you got it from, but it didn't come up.

So sorry about Ham :( At least you always have your friends and family who support you. The exercise always helps too, doesn't it? I don't know what I'd do without it. - Melissa